024 We’re Neurodivergent! aka Finding Out You Have an Autistic / ADHD Brain in Your 30s

We’ve had big revelations in the last few weeks and we’re ready to talk about discovering that we’re on the spectrum (Nichole) and have ADHD (Callie) We learned that these are both WAY under-diagnosed in people assigned female at birth because the science was based on the male brain. We have a lot to say about all this, and we hope it might help others realize things about themselves or their loved ones! Resources Autism vs ADHD (The Difference between ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder) | Asperbergers from the Inside (YouTube) Why Is It So Hard to Do Something That...

022 Honestly, It’s Just a Bunch of Random Sh*t.

Listen. We are really burnt out this week, we both had difficult weekends that culminated in us getting inexplicably deactivated on YouTube and then just as mysteriously unsuspended, so we hit the whiskey today to talk freely about everything from She-Ra (spoiler-free!) to our views on the current fall of capitalism and our dreams to join a supportive community somewhere. An unfocused, fun, rowdy conversation. SUPPORT THE SHOW Follow us Twitter | Instagram |YouTube |Facebook Join our Facebook Group! Donate to us on Patreon or PayPal <3

021 Comp-Het & Queer Shit with Marine!

For our gayest episode yet, we are so thrilled to be joined by Marine from The Vegan Vanguard podcast to talk about compulsory heterosexuality and how it impacted our individual queer (and in Nichole's case, gender) journeys. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of deep moments, and some delightfully TMI conversations along the way!

019 Talking to the Youth: Raven Corps Interview

Auntie Nicky and Auntie Callie are talking to The Youth today, interviewing Melissa and Cami, two absolute badass young people, from The Raven Corps, a youth-organized activism group. We talk about what Raven Corps does, how people can get involved, what a youth-led, decentralized organization looks like, and their tips for young people growing up in today's extreme world.