032 Attachment Theory & Capitalism: How the West Fucks Up Kids

We dig into Attachment Theory this week, specifically how Attachment Theory can tell us of the measurable impact of capitalism and capitalistic values on children, who end up being messy adults on Tinder. The way we instill rugged individualism in literal babies has lasting effects on our population deep into adulthood. Poppin Off Callie pops off about the Chris Evan nude and how he is being treated differently than most female celebrities with leaked nudes (although we’re happy he is generally being treated well). She also talks about how it’s important to give people their privacy during these times. Joke...

029 Dissecting Dexter: White Male Exceptionalism in Serial Killer Form; Also, Exploring the AUtistic Experience

Dexter represents white male exceptionalism to the extreme, and while this leads to poorly written female characters and nonsensical plot-lines structured only to preserve Dexter's freedom and clean reputation; there is an aspect of the show that Nichole only noticed through re-watching - that it is an amazing representation of life on the spectrum - which makes the show both trash and treasure.

026 Body Liberation in Quarantine: How Isolation Is Impacting Our Relationships to Our Bodies

This week we go on a loose exploration of body image and gender expression in a time of isolation. We solicited stories from all of you on social media and got a ton of really vulnerable, beautiful responses. As we get further from the "normalcy" of capitalism, we wonder if we will experience permanent changes to how we look at clothes, makeup, hair, comfort, autonomy, and so much more.

024 We’re Neurodivergent! aka Finding Out You Have an Autistic / ADHD Brain in Your 30s

We’ve had big revelations in the last few weeks and we’re ready to talk about discovering that we’re on the spectrum (Nichole) and have ADHD (Callie) We learned that these are both WAY under-diagnosed in people assigned female at birth because the science was based on the male brain. We have a lot to say about all this, and we hope it might help others realize things about themselves or their loved ones! Resources Autism vs ADHD (The Difference between ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder) | Asperbergers from the Inside (YouTube) Why Is It So Hard to Do Something That...