How to choose comfortable shoes for every day

How to choose comfortable shoes for every day Many people believe that the most terrible thing that you can face as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes is corns and calluses. However, in reality, this is not all trouble. Naturally, there will be no beauty without sacrifice, but what are you really ready for sacrifice it for the pleasure of showing off in high-heeled shoes? Will you be satisfied with such a payment for beauty as: scoliosis, bursitis, sprain and osteochondrosis? However, you should not go to the other extreme either. If you will always flaunt in light slates, you may encounter so called the heel "spur". And if you do not get out of your platform shoes, then you go straight to flat feet. So what should I wear on my feet to preserve my health and enjoy my reflection in the mirror? One option is to wear stylish, but not very comfortable shoes only occasionally, when it really requires it case. But for daily wear, it is worth choosing a more comfortable and safe one. In addition, these two qualities do not prevent shoes from being fashionable at the same time. Form The width of shoes for daily wear should be optimal. Too wide, as well as too narrow does not fit unambiguously. If the leg if it is too loose, then the arch of the foot is in constant tension. To feel comfortable, even in summer, choose shoes with a tight back that will fix the foot well.Material In summer they are best suited materials such as textiles, genuine leather, suede and nubuck. And recently, another new product appeared on the market – "breathable" leather with water-repellent properties. In the heat, try to avoid economical leatherette, as it not only does not allow the skin of the foot to breathe, but also brings it harm: high humidity and air temperature they activate the chemicals present in the composition of this material, causing the skin to become irritated. If you can not refuse shoes made of synthetic leather, take care at least that the lining is natural, made of textiles. Heel Most the best option for leg health is a heel height that does not exceed 4 cm. At the same time, shoes must have a supinator - a specially designed orthopedic insole that reduces the load on the foot. New-cork insole, covered with natural leather on top and adaptable to the features feet. Sole It should have such qualities as flexibility and softness. The quality sole is very easy to bend. When bending, the upper part of the Shoe should not be subjected to too much deformation. Please note that on a thin sole, you will be able to walk comfortably and painlessly. on a very smooth surface. If you have to walk on an asphalt road, your feet will feel every stone of it.