004 Super Tuesday Shenanigans: Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Learned Helplessness, Please Vote!

Hey y’all, in light of the big political news over the last day or so, we’re doing a Super Tuesday episode talking about what this all means and encouraging everyone in Super Tuesday states to please vote tomorrow if you are able.

In This Episode: Super Tuesday Musings (AKA Anxieties)

It’s all politics today, hoping to get back to fun sex and love stuff next week! We talk about the Democratic establishment making its move to dilute Bernie Sanders’ votes as much as possible while shoring up votes for Biden in order to force a brokered convention, our frustration with “Vote blue no matter who,” our collective learned helplessness, the Coronavirus and how anxious we are. Please vote if you can tomorrow, and we’ll be on Twitter with our thoughts about the results: https://twitter.com/bitchy_shitshow



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Nichole [00:00:26] Hey, everyone. I’m Nichole.

Callie [00:00:28] And I’m Callie.

Nichole [00:00:29] And today we’re talking about…

Callie [00:00:31] We bring you a special emergency broadcast, to steal from Michael Moore and Rumble, Big Tent Energy episode number two. We are talking about Super Tuesday and all the fucking shenanigans that the DNC is pulling right now.

Nichole [00:00:47] Yeah, yeah.

Callie [00:00:48] We really want to be talking about dating.

Nichole [00:00:50] Yeah. It’s my literal favorite thing to talk about.

Callie [00:00:53] We had this whole series planned out.

Nichole [00:00:55] Got so much to say. And yet the Dems can’t get it together, so here we are. Or they are getting it together for nefarious purposes.

Callie [00:01:03] No, that’s the problem.

Nichole [00:01:04] Right.

Callie [00:01:04] They’re getting their shit together and we need to rally the troops.

Nichole [00:01:09] Yes. So we know many of you may not hear this till it’s too late to vote in Super Tuesday, or maybe you’re not in a Super Tuesday state or country. But we- you know, we love our international listeners. But we wanted to try to push this out as soon as we could so that we can, you know, help mobilize and give people information and just really hopefully inspire you to, like, get out and vote. Bring people with you. If you have people in your life who don’t give a shit, then just be like, I will… Whatever you have to do. Buy them a pizza, give them $5, wash their car, you know, just be like come with me to vote. Do what you gotta do.

Callie [00:01:53] I think you may have just committed a crime.

Nichole [00:01:56] I don’t think so.

Callie [00:01:59] Is that bribery?

Nichole [00:02:03] It’s an unrelated exchange of gifts.

Callie [00:02:04] Favor? Wink, wink.

Nichole [00:02:06] Just say after we go vote, I’ll buy you lunch. See how that works?

Callie [00:02:11] OK.

Nichole [00:02:11] Wheeling and dealing.

Callie [00:02:11] I think maybe you can do that as long as you don’t tell people to vote for a certain person. But also, this is not legal advice, so do not take anything we are saying as factual.

Nichole [00:02:23] No. No, but I’m just, all jokes aside and I was joking. Don’t sue me. Don’t arrest me. But please, like, this is, we’re in such a- I think this has really been working. People have been getting very mobilized and talking to others. But like it is the time to not worry about being overly polite, or everyone keeping their politics to themselves. You know, again, if you have people in your life who don’t usually vote or aren’t super involved and engaged like, just sit them down and talk to them about why you’re voting for who you are and why you think voting is important and see if you can get them out. We need people. And that’s the biggest thing, is that it’s been shown, you know, when people vote, when people come out to vote and really turnout, Democrats win. And the more progressive candidates win. So we need to get people out voting.

Callie [00:03:19] Yeah. I mean, you know we love to be dramatic. OK? It’s one of our favorite things. But I am not being dramatic when I say that this is like an all hands on deck crisis situation. Like we have not been shy about voicing who our favorite is in this race. And we talked about that on the last episode, explained in detail why we are so passionately for Bernie. But more than that y’all, like for real. We have less than 10 years to deal with climate change. Capitalism is failing across the world. People are disenfranchised. They’re hungry. They’re dying because they don’t have health care. We’re losing jobs at a-.

Callie [00:04:07] Like we just have to all like show up and get a leftist in the White House. Like we have to. If we do not put a candidate up who will like encourage, bring people out to vote who don’t typically vote, like we need to stop talking about trying to like appeal to the moderates. Right? We need to encourage the people to vote who don’t because they know nothing will change for them. We actually can offer them someone who will change their life in a fundamental way. And that’s how we beat Trump. That’s how we unify. And we just.. I love what you said about kind of doing the uncomfortable thing and not being in the place of keeping our politics to ourself right now, this is really crucially important, so. So we’re bringing you this episode we were gonna post it a little earlier than normal so that hopefully people will have a chance to hear it before they vote on Super Tuesday. And yeah, please just bear with us and let’s talk about all this recent fuckery.

Nichole [00:05:13] Yes. So where to even start? Like in the last 24 hours and even in the last few hours, we’ve had a lot of stuff go down. So Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race. Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race. They both ended up endorsing Biden and Beto O’Rourke came out of the poorly Spanish-speaking woodwork.

Callie [00:05:42] Girl, you did not.

Nichole [00:05:42] I did. I went there. To also endorse Biden. There is a lot of different analyses going around, so it’s difficult to say exactly what the plan is, but it’s very clear that, you know, we’ve heard and we’ll post links to different resources. But there has been polling done showing that Elizabeth Warren’s supporters choose Bernie as a very strong second. So at 40 percent, they choose Bernie. Whereas these other candidates, Bernie, was also their second pick for most of them. However, not at such an increased rate. So I think what’s happening here… Like, for instance, Buttigieg, Bernie was this the second choice for his supporters, but only by 2 percent over Biden and then 2 percent over the next person. So basically with him dropping out, it’s a pretty even spread. Obviously he’s endorsing Biden to try to enhance that.

Nichole [00:06:53] But the reason that these people are dropping out and then Warren, who’s been performing terribly. And whatever, maybe we’ll analyze that, maybe we won’t. But she’s staying in because she has such strong Bernie support if she drops out. Whoever she endorses, it’s very likely that a large chunk of her supporters will go to Bernie. So her campaign, you know, like on CNN there was a little clip that I’ll link to in the show notes. But one of the CNN reporters was saying they talked to someone close to her campaign and that person was at the South Carolina primaries was like, we’re literally here to blunt the momentum of Bernie Sanders. Which is wild on several fronts, because if you’re both progressive and fighting for similar things, then like why would you try to hurt each other in such a direct way?

Nichole [00:07:53] And then secondly, South Carolina was obviously Biden’s state to lose. And he didn’t lose, he crushed it. Like he won more than double of what, Bernie performed pretty well considering, but Biden walked away with almost 50 percent of the vote. So why would Warren’s campaign be there to take votes away and blunt the momentum of Bernie, not Biden? Unless the establishment is at work saying, all hands on deck like Callie said, we have to do whatever we can do to keep him from getting the majority of delegates before we go to the convention. They’re angling for a brokered convention. They want to take this away from him, the superdelegates are in place to do that. So they’re literally orchestrating whatever they can to get him to the convention in a vulnerable position where they can take it away from him. And give it to, it seems like Biden is going to be the choice. Which is interesting because it seemed like he was losing that for a little while and now they’re using-

Callie [00:09:03] Yeah, it looked like it was going to maybe be Buttigieg but he just couldn’t quite, you know, pull it together.

Nichole [00:09:09] Yeah. Yeah. And he couldn’t- Biden’s crushing victory in South Carolina, they’re using that to create a false sense of momentum when really South Carolina is a lot like Florida, where it’s just very conservative, very religious. You know, like if you look, Bernie’s polling terribly in Florida, he just will. So it’s just, like South Carolina and Florida are states that he just was not counting on. So it’s really a false sense of momentum because Biden’s pulling like shit in most other places. But they’re using this to create this narrative, right, that he’s got this like huge voter support and huge Black voter support and he’s going to sweep all these other things. And now he’s got these endorsements from these other candidates, and candidates that hopefully their votes will go to him. And it’s a big conspiracy basically to take our choice away from us.

Nichole [00:10:10] And I also want people to consider that things change all the time in these races, and I think that there is a lot of conversation to be had about how the presidential election is handled. Like it is pretty insane that we have our election process last like what, almost two years? That’s a lot of time and a lot of money that has to be invested. And a lot of shenanigans can happen in that time. A lot of things can change, right? So all to say, things change. But another thing to consider is that over 2 million people have voted by early mail in ballots in just California and Texas because those are two states that make mail-in votes pretty, they encourage people to do them and they make them pretty accessible. And so for all of those people who voted for Klobuchar or Buttigieg, they don’t get to re-vote. We for some ungodly reason, don’t allow people to vote for second and third choices in these elections. So their votes for the presidency don’t count if they voted for any of those candidates. And they also can’t be switched over.

Nichole [00:11:32] And the most cynical part of me, that I think is also the most realistic part of me, feels that they know in those states, because they have all kinds of information and numbers. I would guess that those were states where Buttigieg’s heavy Sanders support, where the second place support for Sanders from Buttigieg was probably the strongest. He was probably higher percentage wise in those states. So now those people can’t change their vote from Buttigieg to Sanders. But regardless-

Callie [00:12:10] That’s literal disenfranchisement. Like, and I know people hear like “conspiracy” and they just immediately kind of tune out, but like this is not even, these are things that are happening right in front of our face. It doesn’t have to be some like cloak and dagger, like Illuminati bullshit where we all think there’s people that are like meeting behind closed doors and being like, OK, you do the… No, it’s just-

Nichole [00:12:33] I mean, it’s called the government but sure.

Callie [00:12:39] Well, you make a point.

Nichole [00:12:39] Callie is always like, we don’t have to go there! And I’m like, but it does happen. She’s like, I know, just chill.

Callie [00:12:47] Took the words right out of my mouth. But no, like we can see right in front of our faces that these people are literally dropping out to give Biden their support. Like, that’s literally why Buttigieg and Klobuchar are dropping out the day before Super Tuesday to try to give a leg up to the other- I mean, they both came for him, Buttigieg most especially! He has been coming for Biden probably the most early on. I mean, he’s obviously pivoted much more towards attacking Bernie in the recent debates. But he was the one who was like, we need to like bring in a new generation of people. And I don’t know who represents the Old Guard more than Biden. Like, not just in like an age way, I just mean and like, he clearly is someone who very much thinks like a Democrat- like he has the same Democratic strategy as we did in the 90s. Like the DNC still thinks that this is like the 90s, that what worked to get Clinton and like that corporate Democrat into office is what works now. And it does not.

Nichole [00:14:00] It doesn’t.

Callie [00:14:00] So he has like an old style of thinking, an old strategy. And Buttigieg has come for that more than anything else, and he used to be a Bernie supporter. So it is not some like, weird, crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy to see that they, that the DNC and the Democratic establishment, the people in power, are literally pulling all of the strings they can and coalescing behind one moderate Democrat. Because, this is going to sound crazy, but please bear with me. They would much rather another Trump presidency than they would someone like Bernie Sanders would win. Because as much as for the last year we’ve been hearing screams of like, vote blue no matter who, they don’t actually want that. Trump is good for business.

Callie [00:14:49] In the same way that he was really good for the media and all of the news stations that had been suffering with viewership being down and people not paying attention to like, you know, the mainstream news. He was great for them because he’s always saying crazy things and he’s always tweeting and people can talk about him a lot and cause a big controversy and that’s great for ratings. It is easier for them to have a boogey man like Trump in office, someone that they can pretend to fight, while then not even so secretly signing off on a lot of his policies. I mean, they gave him border wall funding. They worked with him over trade deals. They’re actually not hashtag resisting in the way they all said they were going to. So they’d rather someone like him being than someone like Bernie.

Callie [00:15:37] Because guess what Bernie is going to do? He’s not going to empower them. He’s not going to keep having thousands of consultants that are paid hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. He’s not going to keep the power structure in place. He’s going to dismantle it. He’s going to make sure that Wall Street doesn’t keep running away with our money, that the banks don’t keep running away with our money, that the health care industry doesn’t keep stealing from us while people are dying of very preventable and curable ailments. They don’t want that. And this is not crazy. This is just very clear.

Nichole [00:16:14] Politics. Yeah.

Callie [00:16:14] They want to keep their jobs.

Nichole [00:16:17] Yeah.

Callie [00:16:19] And they only do that by keeping the status quo. But you know what? The status quo is killing us. Literally.

Nichole [00:16:26] It’s literally killing us-

Callie [00:16:27] On so many fronts.

Nichole [00:16:30] And people in other countries. And we’re sick of it. Like one of the things, if you’re a Bernie supporter that’s so moving and adds to this sense of urgency is how much people from other countries love Bernie. And are literally, I have read so many tweets of people from other countries begging us to get Sanders into the presidency because they want relief for what we do to their countries. And these are countries all over the world. Are like, please, your country’s too important. We’re scared. Look at the Coronavirus. I, this is, we’ve joked about the apocalypse for five years. I’m not joking anymore, I am scared. There’s cases now in California where we live. There, the last, the closest I’ve heard is north of where we are. But like literally, San Diego International Airport flies to Asia all the time. And they’ve found like a novel case in San Francisco where this woman did not travel anywhere, didn’t go to a hospital. So she just got it out in the wild like maybe at the grocery store. It’s spreading all over the place.

Nichole [00:17:43] And even if it wasn’t here, I still would be, I just wanna make that clear, I would still be extremely concerned. But like, I’ve tried to avoid as much news about the Coronavirus as I can because I’m actually having an incredible amount of anxiety about it. And even what has seeped through is shocking. And we have a president who has appointed someone who literally doesn’t believe in science to oversee how our country handles this. He has decimated the CDC and the organizations that would help protect us from this and would be studying it, would be figuring out how to contain it. We have, I forget her position in Hong Kong, but we have a leader over there who, in order to disrupt the protests that were happening, literally didn’t follow any of the safety protocols for the virus, and now it’s spreading fucking everywhere.

Nichole [00:18:46] This is what we’re talking about. Like there’s so many more long term and personal ramifications, but we’re also talking about a fucking epidemic here that’s gonna happen because people want to take the moderate path. And people want to keep the establishment in power. And the rich want to retain their money. And the ones who don’t have money want to retain the sense that they could be rich and powerful some day and have more than other people. This is literal fucking insanity. This is… This is how things end. This is, I mean you read accounts of plagues and things that have happened in the past and just horrible coups and dictatorships that have come into power. We’re living it right now.

Callie [00:19:31] Well and this is how empires fall.

Nichole [00:19:33] Yes!

Callie [00:19:33] That people get too complacent and you get this like really warped, extreme oligarchy where the rich and powerful are just running away with it. And most people are struggling over crumbs and you just fall apart. And that was without the existential crisis of climate change, which is not just like the U.S. empire failing, but it’s like the world.

Nichole [00:19:59] Right. And my conspiracy fucking hat is that the government released the Coronavirus to stop the Hong Kong protesters. But as Callie always says, even not needing to go that far. You can absolutely look at how the government has handled the outbreak and see that they capitalized on the outbreak to disrupt the protests. And literally put the entire world at risk in order to not disrupt the status quo. These people want us to die. And this might sound alarmist to you. But I would rather sound alarmist and not fucking die of this epidemic, or of climate change, or anything else. I would rather have health care. I’m sorry. I would rather walk around San Diego and not see countless people suffering, laying out on the sidewalks in this hot ass fucking sun that we have here with no food and no shoes and no chance at anything. Because anything we can offer them that we have in place right now is temporary as shit and infantilizing as fucking hell. We don’t actually empower anyone to like have any autonomy over their own lives. Right? The second you become poor or needy. I even love that, “the needy”. We’re not needy. You took shit away from us. Yeah. We need stuff like any fucking human does.

Callie [00:21:35] Yeah, you extracted our wealth. You extracted our labor.

Nichole [00:21:39] Yeah.

Callie [00:21:41] You hurt our education and incarcerated our communities.

Nichole [00:21:46] Drowned us in debt.

Callie [00:21:47] Yeah.

Nichole [00:21:47] Didn’t take care of the people who served in our military.

Callie [00:21:52] Yeah, I mean, we’re in San Diego. Do you know what a lot, most of our homeless people are?

Nichole [00:21:57] Say it!

Callie [00:21:57] They’re veterans.

Nichole [00:21:58] Yup!

Callie [00:21:59] Because we have like three military bases here. So where are all these like flag waving Republicans at with the Support Your Troops bullshit, which only ever seems to be used in talking about going to war or continuing a war? Not actually taking care of the people that they fucking traumatized by going over and like disrupting other countries’ democracies or extracting their wealth.

Nichole [00:22:24] And they love to brag that the wars that we’re in now don’t have as high of a death rate as the wars that we used to be in. But they have a higher rate of fucking mental illness because of the type of warfare that they have to do. They’re just in so much closer quarters with the people that they’re supposed to kill and spy on. And also with the fucking bombs and drones and everything else, there’s so many higher rates of people being physically disabled by their service, and then come back and guess what? We spit in their fuckin faces. We don’t take care of our people.

Callie [00:22:58] Well, and I just can’t believe with all this talk of the Coronavirus, like why every Democrat that stood on that stage arguing against Medicare For All isn’t just being constantly harassed by like we’re under threat of like a potential pandemic. Do you know what would go a long way towards preventing that and keeping our economy actually going? Cause you know what would happen to our economy if like a pandemic broke out? Right? And because they say like 2% I think of the population-

Nichole [00:23:31] I mean, it’s already really freaking out.

Callie [00:23:33] Yeah!

Nichole [00:23:33] The Dow Jones has already been going nuts because of the Coronavirus.

Callie [00:23:36] I know! But do you even know like what would happen, they say that it’s like 2 percent lethal, right? In two percent of cases? Which doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but is actually a lot of fuckin people.

Nichole [00:23:47] That’s a lot of people.

Callie [00:23:49] That’s like-

Nichole [00:23:50] And it has a long-

Callie [00:23:51] That’s pretty close to like the percentage of like redheads in our society.

Nichole [00:23:54] Awww!

Callie [00:23:54] Isn’t it like 3 percent of people are redhead? It’s like, do you know a redhead? Well, then…

Nichole [00:23:59] Or people with green eyes.

Callie [00:24:01] Right, awww. Is it that that low?

Nichole [00:24:07] It is. We’re very magical creatures. And if you have green eyes and red hair. You’re literally a nymph. You’re made of magic.

Callie [00:24:18] But like if you can picture-

Nichole [00:24:22] But also call me. Listen! The world’s going to end.

Callie [00:24:24] Tryna get that before it does?

Nichole [00:24:26] Hey!

Callie [00:24:27] I support that.

Nichole [00:24:28] I’ve got it on my bucket list. Don’t judge me.

Callie [00:24:33] Anyway. I’m was making a very serious point.

Nichole [00:24:37] Listen, I wanted to talk about dating this week.

Callie [00:24:40] This feels very inappropriate.

Nichole [00:24:41] I’m gonna get it in however I have to.

Callie [00:24:46] Do you know what would happen to our economy if 2 percent of people died? Like, so everyone up there, stumping for the fucking health care industry and trying to make it seem like that would end us. Do you know what universal health care would do in the face of a pandemic? Like people that are, that feel like even if they’re sick, they have to go to work? Or even if they’re sick, they can’t afford to go to the doctor to find out what it actually is. And make sure it’s not the Coronavirus that they start spreading around to all their coworkers and people in public transportation or food service workers because they’re going into like grocery stores and stuff and buying things.

Nichole [00:25:29] Yeah.

Callie [00:25:30] Do you know what universal health care would, like it would be such a huge benefit to us right now. And yet we’re still allowing fucking perverts like Joe Biden and Buttigieg and Klobuchar and all these people to talk about how like single payer as if it were this sort of like terrible world-ending, like policy plan. When it could actually be the thing that saves us. Not to mention it’s just morally right. I’m so… I’m so fucking scared, honestly.

Nichole [00:26:06] I’m terrified.

Callie [00:26:07] Like I’ve spent the entire day with a pit in my stomach, fucking scared to death. Like after I saw the news that Klobuchar- when I saw Buttigieg dropped out yesterday I was so excited. And then like I heard Tom Steyer dropped out. And then I started-

Nichole [00:26:22] Oh, I forgot to mention him.

Callie [00:26:24] Yeah. Well it really doesn’t make much difference.

Nichole [00:26:27] I know that after his performance in South Carolina, he was another one that was like a, he was, quote unquote, stealing votes from Biden. So it is part of the whole conspiracy that he dropped out.

Callie [00:26:41] And then, yeah, when I saw Klobuchar dropped out today and I started to see a lot of really good analysis going around talking about how like the moderate vote, the corporate Dem vote is not being split. It can now like coalesce behind Biden and yet Warren is still in splitting the progressive vote.

Nichole [00:27:07] Yep. And she’s actively-

Callie [00:27:07] How is that not just in very simple facts like not, like stealing the election from him and trying to override, not her necessarily, but just the system trying to override the will of the people?

Nichole [00:27:21] Mm hmm. And she’s out here active, she’s not just staying in the race, like she’s attacking Bernie. She’s saying he’s ineffective. He can’t get things done. He asked for too much. She’s actively, this is beyond just vote for me because I have the best policy and I’m like in it to win it. You know, people keep trying to defend that she’s just fighting. And a woman should have the right to, you know, try to win the presidency. And that’s not what this is. She’s not out here attacking Biden. She’s attacking Bernie and saying he’s ineffective. And now she’s all about a brokered convention. She’s all about. She’s openly, I have video clips of her saying we’re just trying to collect as many delegates as we can to make it to the convention.

Callie [00:28:12] Even if she felt like she were the better candidate after everything that just happened in the last 48 hours, she should be dropping out. And I know Elizabeth Warren supporters are really upset because they feel like, you know, it’s too early on for her to be talking about losing. But seeing what the DNC is doing against Bernie and considering that he has way more support, he is able to draw crowds way bigger than her. He’s able to fundraise way better than she has been able to. He has much broader support against a more diverse coalitions of people. Like that should be reason enough. Because like you could have your time, you know? Like giving up now doesn’t mean she could never do it or that she won’t play an integral role in helping Bernie’s policies going into place. Like we still need her!

Nichole [00:29:11] Oh yeah, she would be. Absolutely.

Callie [00:29:11] And a lot of his plans are the same plans that she has.

Nichole [00:29:14] Or had.

Callie [00:29:15] Or had. So if she really wants that, she should be dropping out. And I just, I really beg any of you out there who are possibly listening to this, who we haven’t completely alienated, that-

Nichole [00:29:30] Yeah, thank you by the way.

Callie [00:29:31] Yeah, that want to vote for Warren. Like, please, please give your vote to Bernie because he has more support than her. He has a better, he’s better positioned to win. And at this point, we have to be pragmatic. We have to. Because if we get a fucking corporate Dem against Trump, we will lose. Or-

Nichole [00:29:55] And we’ll lose bad.

Callie [00:29:56] In a slightly worst case scenario, we’ll still win but the world will still fucking end because they’re not going to do anything about the problems that we actually have. Like I get the winning against Trump is the most critical and most important thing. But like then what?

Nichole [00:30:15] Exactly.

Callie [00:30:15] It’s like we don’t have the time to just waste four years on a neoliberal who’s not going to do anything.

Nichole [00:30:21] And I’m sorry, I have a really hard time with that.

Callie [00:30:26] Yeah.

Nichole [00:30:27] Because when you’re saying, I’m not saying you, the royal you. When you’re saying that, oh we just have to get Trump out no matter what. And then it’s racist or whatever-ist, fill in the blank. Madlib SJW bullshit that we get Trump out. And if you’re, if you say anything else, if you have any other goal besides getting Trump out, that your fill in the blank-ist, right? But you saying vote blue no matter who literally means lives lost. And people left behind. And nobody, not one person I have seen online is saying vote blue no matter who about Bernie. They were only saying it when we didn’t know how much ass he was going to start kicking. I mean, we knew. Well, we hoped, we should say. We knew the potential was there. But now that the polls have come in, we’ve had some primaries, now this vote blue no matter who has disappeared.

Callie [00:31:35] Yeah.

Nichole [00:31:36] Right? And I have seen just so many people online and like so many like Muslim people, Black people. If you’re not going to listen to me because I’m white, fine. But like people who are in these communities that these fucking liberal Dems supposedly are telling us all to vote blue no matter who to save, are out here saying, fuck your vote blue no matter who. Because what this is, is this is… It’s not brainwashing. It’s almost like, it’s like blue washing. Right, like it’s giving people… It’s like learned helplessness, I think is what I’m trying to get to. It’s this conditioned response that we’re telling you right from the get go that we’re going to put in an establishment candidate. And when we do that, you may have had your little heart all bursting for the possibility of someone like Sanders or at the time Warren. But we need you to not, we need you to go with the person we tell you to go with.

Nichole [00:32:48] And now you’re going to have months, if not years of this vote blue no matter who. And if you don’t, you’re a fuckin racist. And if you don’t, you’re fucking sexist. And if you don’t blah blah blah, right? Echoing in our heads, because now we can’t critically think for ourselves anymore, which I think these two elections have shown on a- I mean, people are coming out of it. They’re snapping out of it. But like, we have really been conditioned to just fucking eat whatever people are serving us, without question.

Callie [00:33:18] Well Bloomberg came out, like Bloomberg entered the race a few weeks ago.

Nichole [00:33:21] He is polling so well.

Callie [00:33:22] I know. And people were like, well I don’t want to vote for Bloomberg, but I will. And it’s like he just joined the race. Why are you already saying that?!

Nichole [00:33:30] Like he hasn’t even been on a single ballot yet.

Callie [00:33:32] Or debate stage! At the time, and people were like, well, vote blue no matter who, and I’m like, what? Why are you already giving up and throwing in the towel? He hasn’t even really started yet. And to your point, I really don’t understand why that same attitude doesn’t apply to Bernie. I don’t understand why all these moderate Dems, which I have an issue with even that phrasing.

Nichole [00:33:59] You meaning liberal conservatives?

Callie [00:34:01] Yeah.

Nichole [00:34:02] I mean Republicans, moderate Republicans.

Callie [00:34:06] I don’t understand why we’re not telling them vote blue no matter who, you know?

Nichole [00:34:10] I know.

Callie [00:34:11] I don’t understand why we’re saying- Bernie is, polls the best against Trump. Bernie has the most delegates so far of anyone else. You vote blue no matter who. I know you wanted Biden for some ungodly reason.

Nichole [00:34:23] Warren, Buttigieg.

Callie [00:34:23] Or Warren or whatever, but like, he’s doing the best so throw your support behind him. I don’t understand why leftists are always having to sacrifice by moving to the right and accept the compromise of moving to the right, and we’re not telling the moderates like you move to the left. You vote blue no matter who. Bernie seems to have the best groundswell of support so you vote for him. Stop attacking him. Stop giving Trump ammunition against him. Stop asking questions in the debate from a right wing perspective. He has our support. So where is all this fucking unity? Why does unity only ever seem to be brought up when it means unity moving to the right?

Nichole [00:35:06] Exactly.

Callie [00:35:07] That’s not what the people want. We are not a country of conservatives. We are at worst a liberal country. We tend to have liberal views when you just poll people across the board, on all kinds of issues! So why do we keep giving up before the race has even been started and moving to the right? I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Nichole [00:35:35] Yeah.

Callie [00:35:36] I really don’t get it. But all these people that are, you know, against Bernie and it’s like, we tried your way in 2016. I mean, we’ve been trying your way for decades now. And all it’s gotten us is a world on the verge of collapse. But like we tried your way in 2016. We didn’t go for Bernie then. I get it, he didn’t have the name recognition. He didn’t have the full grassroots support that he does now. But like we tried your way. We put up some, like corporate Dem, who was supposed to be the safe choice. And she got her ass handed to her. And I know, she had three million more votes, but that’s not how the system works. OK? He won. And she should have blown him out of the water. A candidate as bad as Trump, she should have been able to beat him into dust. The fact that it was even as close as it was, let alone the fact that he was able to win with the Electoral College, means that this country, that the people see through the bullshit. They don’t want some corporate Dem who’s not going to change anything for them. So we tried compromising and putting up the safe person. Biden would be another Hillary 2.0. Try something else.

Nichole [00:36:53] Yeah. How about you try what we’re fucking telling you we want?

Callie [00:36:57] Right. Yeah, why don’t you listen to the people?

Nichole [00:37:00] How about you step the fuck aside and let the people tell you what the fuck we’re gonna show up for? And we have been. And we’re continuing to. I’m mostly excited about tomorrow because I think it’s gonna be a day of reckoning. I really do.

Callie [00:37:22] Oh god I hope so.

Nichole [00:37:22] I know. I keep telling Callie, I’m like you need to follow these hashtags on Twitter. You’ll feel better.

Callie [00:37:28] I just haven’t had the time today. All I was hearing was the news about, you know.

Nichole [00:37:32] I know.

Callie [00:37:33] The fuckery.

Nichole [00:37:35] But we have to- like if they put in an establishment Dem, we’re going to lose and we have to decide as a people what we’re going to do about that. We can’t do another four years of Trump. For many reasons. All the reasons, we can’t. We have to figure this out. But the first thing we have to do is turn up and vote in numbers where we can’t be denied.

Callie [00:38:09] Yeah, we have to give a decisive victory to Sanders. We have to.

Nichole [00:38:14] And if they take it from us then we fucking riot. You know what I mean? But like we have to do the work of showing up first wherever we can. So whatever you can do, all my jokes in the beginning aside, whatever you can do to help people get to vote. You know, if you can do carpools. If you can be a white person in a nonwhite area where people get fucked with and like understand what people’s rights are and help them and advocate for them, like go do that. If you can drive the elderly. Whatever you can do to help people. Talk to people tonight, talk to people tomorrow. Get whoever there that you can get, however they vote. You know, talk to them about Bernie but like however they end up voting, they have to, we have to turn out.

Nichole [00:39:02] Because I was disenfranchised most of my life. I didn’t vote in many elections. And I felt very justified in that because I saw the bullshit choices I was being given. But now we’re actually being given a real choice. And again, not as left as some of us would like. But this is a shot at actually really changing things. Sanders isn’t going to just improve material conditions for everybody. He’s also going to come through and do campaign reform. He’s going to change how elections going forward are handled. He’s going to help us get our voices back. But we have to show up for him now. We have to show not just him, but the establishment that we’re fucking here and we’re paying attention and we’re going to rallies and we’re voting. And we’re not going away. You’re not taking this shit away from us.

Callie [00:40:01] We’re not going to let them steal it this time. We can’t.

Nichole [00:40:03] We can’t.

Callie [00:40:04] There’s too much on the line.

Nichole [00:40:06] There’s… There’s so much.

Callie [00:40:09] Literally, everything is on the line.

Nichole [00:40:11] Everything. We have to get kids out of cages. We have to stop a pandemic. We have to stop the world from literally fucking burning. We have to stop the nearly 70,000 people a year who die literally just from not having health care. We have to stop the financial ruin of people from medical costs. We have to stop our veterans from being literally thrown out in the street and not taking care of. And a hundred million other things. We have to stop this shit. And we have a shot but we have to show up. We have to. So whatever you can do, I know there’s some of you who may not be able to vote for various reasons and for that, I’m sorry. That just kills me. Like Callie just told me about, did we cover that in the last episode? About, you know, prisoners who can’t vote?

Callie [00:41:09] Yeah.

Nichole [00:41:10] Yeah. It just this shit is so fucking corrupt. So I say to those of you, I say to my past self, you know, like if you are able to vote, please go fucking vote. And vote in a way that’s going to help those who couldn’t.

Callie [00:41:24] Yeah. Because if we get Bernie in now, we could have a totally different game in four years. Even in two years when we have to then do the next round of like down ballot voting, right? Congressmen and women and all that stuff. We need him to break through and allow us to re-enfranchise millions of people and to reengage people with the system. And someone like Biden is not going to do that. And I get it. My heart was broken when Bernie didn’t win in 2016, and I was stubborn about it, too. So all you Warren supporters, like I know how upset you are. And she was a very strong candidate early on.

Nichole [00:42:12] She was.

Callie [00:42:13] But like y’all, this isn’t the time. This isn’t the time to waste any votes on someone who is not, who doesn’t have as strong as support. And Bernie is the stronger progressive. She has good plans. Yes, I agree. If you want her plans, then vote for Bernie, cause his plans are the same. He’s going to get you universal health care. He’s going to get you free college. He’s going to pay off student debt. He’s going to support programs for, you know, kids below kindergarten. Like he wants to do all those things, too. So if you want her plans, vote for him. Come together behind a single person that has the best chance of winning. Because for real, like our lives depend on it.

Nichole [00:43:08] They literally do. Us and other vulnerable people. And all of us.

Callie [00:43:16] Well, that’s what I meant. Our lives, like all of our lives.

Nichole [00:43:19] All of us. Yeah.

Callie [00:43:19] Yeah. No, I didn’t mean like us. I mean, yeah.

Nichole [00:43:22] Well, I meant like us, like our type of person, you know? But like yeah, all of us.

Callie [00:43:27] Yeah.

Nichole [00:43:29] I mean, I don’t have health care right now. I’m fucking terrified of getting sick. I’m really scared about it. I got pneumonia two years ago and I thought I was going to die.

Callie [00:43:40] That was for months, too.

Nichole [00:43:43] It was awful.

Callie [00:43:44] Yeah, well and all the other countries that this like interventionist policies, like all the people that are suffering overseas because of U.S. policies. Like you’re also voting for them. You’re voting to stop their victimization and abuse by U.S. imperialism.

Nichole [00:44:06] And our fucking with their governments and not allowing them to have a say in their own policies. I saw a tweet by Steve Cox on Twitter, obviously. And he finally put into words something I in particular have been trying to figure out how to phrase on this show for so long. But he said the conceptual flaw, and this is in relation to like wanting to vote for Warren because she’s a woman and it’s her time. The conceptual flaw of identity politics is that it treats the powerless and the powerful as the same as long as they share an identity. The identity of oppressed, marginalized people matters. The identity of those seeking to use government to end that oppression doesn’t.

Nichole [00:45:01] And I was like, thank you. And he actually tweeted back and was like, you’re welcome. And he was like, I’ve been really struggling with this for a long time too of like how to frame this. But it’s so hard when we talk about identity politics in the way that they’ve become because it sounds like you’re telling an oppressed person to step aside for a not oppressed person. But that’s not what’s really happening. What’s really happening is an oppressed identity is being used to tell oppressed people to wait longer so that this one person can have their turn. We got to stop. We have a cranky old Jewish guy who’s in here fucking swinging away for us and given us our only shot at breaking through and actually changing how our country works. And how we impact the rest of the fucking world. And he’s giving us a chance to get involved and have an actual seat at the table and we have to take it.

Nichole [00:46:05] I know. I know exactly, I have been that person who’s like, fuck this. Like, I see that this Dem is not really all that different from this Republican. Fuck this. I’m not participating. But we have a chance. We have a chance if we show up to actually do something. We have to take it. I don’t know if we’ll have this again in my lifetime. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I hope, again Callie and I are probably on different sides of this coin. But like I hope if Trump does get another term, that this just pushes us into chaos and we revolt. But we may not. And even if we do, what the fuck is that gonna look like? I don’t want to go through that. I’m a baby. I’ll get up here on the mic and be real, you know, tough-

Callie [00:46:56] No, we’ve been very clear about our lack of survival skills.

Nichole [00:46:59] I have no survival skills. I can’t even be on my feet for too long, it makes my back hurt. So I don’t want that. You know, I want to think that we can- I’m on all sides of this, like big, our little, our revolution debate and like if it has to be violent or not. I have a lot of thoughts.

Callie [00:47:21] It’s so complicated.

Nichole [00:47:21] It’s very complicated. But I want to believe that if we could get together and pull all the kinds of power that we have, economic, political, etc., that we can actually make change that matters. I don’t know if we’ll ever get all the way left with that. That may be where the revolution has to come in. But I know that we can help people have better lives starting like next year if we can get Sanders into the presidency. We’ve got to show up. So that was our effort. Whatever you can do, we’re here together.

Callie [00:48:01] It’ll be a nail biter, we’ll be watching the results together tomorrow. But yeah, like Nichole said, call, text, hit up your friends, hit up your neighbors. I mean, do what you can to try to reach anyone and everyone you can. Cause we have one shot at this.

Nichole [00:48:21] Yeah. And we’re being forced into it really early. And we just have to show up. You know, I feel like this all came on way more quickly than I would have liked. Callie and I wanted more time to do more episodes and figure out a way to make political stuff that would be easier to share and digest. And it just, it’s here now. And we just, we have to show up. So whatever you can do and I guess we’ll see you here. We’ll be on social media, so if you’re looking for like real time updates.

Callie [00:48:58] Oh, yeah. We’ll be all over it. I’m sure both of us will be glued to our phones tomorrow.

Nichole [00:49:03] Oh god. It’s so funny when I go on Twitter and like you’ve liked and retweeted a bunch of things.

Callie [00:49:06] Yes.

Nichole [00:49:06] And I’m sure for you too, and I’m like, we’re on it!

Callie [00:49:09] Yeah. Well I love it because sometimes you’ll do stuff, like there was just a thing you shared and I was like, I wish I could also like and retweet that, it was so good.

Nichole [00:49:15] I know. I think of that all the time. But yes, if you want to follow us on Twitter or Instagram, obviously Twitter will be a little bit more, you know, our thoughts as they’re happening in real time updates. But they’re both @bitchy_shitshow handles on both. You can follow us there and keep up to date. And then if not before then, we’ll be back next week, hopefully able to just talk about like love and sex and shit. Because I really want to talk about it.

Callie [00:49:49] Yeah, I mean hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate some wins from Super Tuesday.

Nichole [00:49:51] I hope so.

Callie [00:49:52] And just, yeah talk about other shit.

Nichole [00:49:56] So thank you all for tuning in for this shorter emergency broadcast little episode. “Little”.

Callie [00:50:04] It is by our standards.

Nichole [00:50:05] I know.

Callie [00:50:07] Which is sad.

Nichole [00:50:07] I know. And next week we’ll be back with something fun. I definitely within the next few weeks want to cover Love is Blind. I just watched it all in two days, don’t judge. And I have so much to say. And mostly about, I think it relates a lot to episodes we’ve done recently about dating and relationships. So like it’s themes that are brought up in it and just how humanity is so fucked of how we relate to each other. So if you haven’t watched it or if you have, tune in for that. But yeah, we’ll hopefully be back to just talk about… It’s not really ever light, but more fun.

Callie [00:50:51] Yeah. Take a little break from the electoral politics.

Nichole [00:50:57] I hope so.

Callie [00:50:57] For an episode would be nice.

Nichole [00:50:58] Yeah. So anyway.

Callie [00:51:00] All right, y’all.

Nichole [00:51:00] Get out and vote if you can, and we’ll see you here next week.

Callie [00:51:03] Buh-bye.

Nichole [00:51:04] Bye.

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