005 #NoToJoe: Poppin off about The Current State of Affairs

Oooh y’all are not even ready for this. We RAGE today about the DNC’s machinations to subvert the democratic process and force Biden down our throats, Warren’s terrifying Digital Disinformation plan, “Vote blue no matter who,” dismantling the myth of voting as harm reduction, and much more. It’s a spicy one!

Given the extremely tumultuous political environment right now and the nightmarish week we’ve had following everything and trying to interact with Warren and Biden supporters online, we’re releasing our episode a day early to hopefully reach some folks before this week’s Super Tuesday. #NoToJoe #BernieOrBust! Please vote on paper ballots if you can!

*CORRECTION: Nichole said Bernie is “non-secular” but she meant “secular,” meaning that Bernie is culturally Jewish but isn’t religious.


Main Topic: #NoToJoe – We Will NOT Play the DNC’s Games

Voting Is Not Harm Reduction | Bernie is Capitalism’s Last Chance

The resources below we pulled information from to dismantle the colonialist concept of voting for someone who does not represent your interests, how the enforcement of the status quo that works for white middle-class people is its own kind of violence, and those that choose to resist are not letting down the party – the party is letting down us.

There is nothing intersectional about participating in and maintaining a genocidal political system. There’s no meaningful solidarity to be found in a politics that urges us to meet our oppressors where they’re at. Voting as harm reduction imposes a false solidarity upon those identified to be most vulnerable to harmful political policies and actions. In practice it plays out as paternalistic identity politicking as liberals work to identify the least dangerous candidates and rally to support their campaigns…“Voting as harm reduction” is the pacifying language of those who police movements…Voting is not a strategy for decolonization.

Voting is Not Harm Reduction – An Indigenous Perspective (Indigenous Action)

Biden Bullshit

Not Here For Our Interests

Biden said a couple of months ago (12/30/19) that he’d consider a Republican VP, saying there are some “decent” Republicans out there but they need to step up and he’d do whatever it takes to beat Trump.

He told rich donors at a NY fundraiser in June of last year that “no one’s standard of living would change, nothing would fundamentally change.” Biden went on to say that the rich should not be blamed for income inequality, pleading to the donors, “I need you very badly.”

“I hope if I win this nomination, I won’t let you down. I promise you,” he added.

1994 Crime Bill and Violence Against Women Act

Biden crafted the 1994 Crime Bill, which Bernie did vote for. The Crime Bill did not create mass incarceration but did encourage states to pass even more punitive laws and harsher practices. It also set the stage for the Democrats to fight with Republicans over who could be tougher on crime.

Biden is created with creating and pushing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) as part of this crime bill, and that is true. That, and other provisions like a 10-year ban on assault weapons, are why Bernie voted for it, even with his publicly stated reservations about the bill as a whole. But it is obvious that Biden created the VAWA in order to push the crime bill through, and should not be credited for doing something that was a political move to strong-arm politicians concerned for women into voting for tough-on-crime legislation that they otherwise would have opposed. Also, the VAWA’s dependence on law enforcement resulted in many women being sent to prison alongside their abusers.

Support for tough-on-crime laws was not exclusive to conservatives or Republicans. The 1994 crime law, for instance, got more votes from Democrats than Republicans in the House of Representatives. And then-Sen. Joe Biden spearheaded and supported many bipartisan tough-on-crime measures throughout the 1980s and ’90s.

Bernie was always more interested in addressing crime through economic reform rather than “justice” reform, even back then. Biden still doesn’t believe in economic justice.


The Obama administration also had kids in cagesThis photo was circulated as evidence against Trump, but it’s actually from Obama’s presidency in 2014: kids face down in cages, kids sleeping under tin foil blankets with no shoes, rows, and rows of children behind a chain-link fence (900 children). In fact, the Trump administration is using the same detention facilities that Obama built. Strangely, I could only find conservative news outlets reporting on Biden justifying why this was done.

Under the Obama administration, over 3 million people were deported and Biden has never admitted to any wrongdoing on his or Obama’s part and refuses to directly answer for or talk about this issue. This is why he is interrupted by protestors at so many debates. His policy on immigration, which he was the last to release, takes a moderate approach – undoing the worst of the last few decades of policy but staying far away from progressive measures like decriminalizing the border, and leaving room for policies that will cause the same issues as seen during the Obama administration.

Biden Brothers

Lindy Li (Biden’s delegate and outreach coordinator for Asian American voters) went on Ben Shapiro’s show to talk about Bernie Bro harassment and agree with him on basically everything he said; also went on Al Jazeera to publicly state she will not vote for Bernie if he is the nominee

Hilary Rosen, CNN contributor and Democractic strategist, recently spoke over Nina Turner to correct her (incorrectly) about a MLK Jr. quote Nina was attempting to use on Cuomo against Biden. In her later apology, she characterized Nina as an “angry black woman,” supposedly repeating what her supporters were characterizing Nina as when they were attacking her.

Additional Resources

Warren Woes

Claims to Native Heritage

From https://theintercept.com/2018/10/16/elizabeth-warren-dna-video-native-american-harvard/:

Elizabeth Warren identified as “American Indian” on a registration card for the State Bar of Texas in 1986; she consistently said her mother is part Cherokee (saying her parents had to elope bc of her father’s family objected to her mom’s Cherokee heritage) even though she is not part of the three federally registered tribes and she has no ancestors on the Dawes Rolls;

According to a much-cited investigation by the Boston Globe, Warren consistently checked “white” on personnel forms throughout her career, including in 1981, 1985, and 1998 while employed at the University of Texas. But in the 1986-1987 edition of the Association of American Law School’s directory and eight subsequent editions, Warren listed herself as a minority. She began identifying as Native American on personnel forms three years into her post at the University of Pennsylvania. And while multiple professors have attested to the fact that Warren was considered white during the hiring process at Harvard University, in 1995 she self-identified as Native American, and the school’s statistics were updated to reflect as much. Harvard recorded Warren as Native American from 1995 to 2004.

By allowing herself to be held out as Native American, Warren enabled the university to leverage her identity as a pretext and decline to hire additional Native American faculty members.

This isn’t just a hypothetical claim: In a 1996 article in the Harvard Crimson, Harvard Law School’s spokesperson Michael Chmura used Warren to diffuse criticism directed at Harvard Law School for its diversity failures: “Although the conventional wisdom among students and faculty is that the Law School faculty includes no minority women, Chmura said Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren is Native American.”

The issue has never been what Warren believes about her history, but what Warren believes to be ethically appropriate.

Oct 2018 she releases DNA test to refute Trump’s claims that she faked a Native heritage, in which there is “strong evidence” of Native American ancestry “6-10 generations ago.”

Cherokee Nation got pissed, saying DNA test is not how you determine tribal citizenship. In Feb 2020, more than 200 tribal citizens sign letter to Warren over her past claims, criticizing her vague apology and bringing up critical issues of a long history of white people claiming indigenous heritage to be awarded over $800 million in no-bid federal contracts set aside for minority business owners. In response, she wrote a 12 page letter which included the statement “I have never benefitted financially or professionally from claiming this heritage.” The Boston Globe did an investigative report about her background and concluded, “at every step of her remarkable rise in the legal profession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman.”

Warren was reported as the first tenured female minority law school professor for decades, and Harvard still hasn’t come forward to publicly correct or address that.

Additional Resources

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