008 COVID-19 and Seizing The Means (Part 1): A Collaboration with Mexie Of The Vegan Vanguard

Part 1: Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Productivity Obsession

This week we take a dive into the COVID-19 relief bill that was passed in the House and the Senate last week, digging into where the bill falls short and the politics behind the concessions that were made in it. Then we’re joined by comrade Mexie from The Vegan Vanguard podcast to dismantle “productivity” in a time of COVID. This is part one of a two-part episode, you can find part two over on The Vegan Vanguard where we extend the conversation to talk about Hopeful Headlines, potential dangers in a time of crisis as well as the opportunities in this time to move our countries left and make gains for citizens.

Poppin Off

We pop off today about the COVID-19 relief bill (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act), talking about how insufficient it is, how many people it leaves behind, and even more so, the ways in which massive concessions were made to put provisions in place to restrict the giant corporate bailout in the bill, only to have Trump to overturn those when he signed off on the bill. We mourn the lack of collaboration and strength in the progressive segment of Congress to allow this bill to pass without putting up a massive, public fight. One bright spot, and a not insignificant one, is the unemployment insurance expansion and increase in this bill, which will help millions of people (thank you, Bernie!).

See the full text of the bill here.


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Main Topic

Today we’re joined by our beloved comrade Mexie, from The Vegan Vanguard podcast as well as her amazing YouTube channel Mexie, to explore and deconstruct the capitalist concept of productivity in a time of lockdown, as well as our thoughts about how the pandemic might shift the populations’ view of things like a 40-hour workweek, flexible work options like working from home, the importance of service workers, and more. Nichole and Mexie speak extensively of their perspective as people with disabilities (chronic and acute illness) and how it colors their experience of this time of shutdown as well as their hopes for a less ableist future for workers.

LISTEN TO PART 2 ON THE VEGAN VANGUARD. We explore questions like: can capitalism survive 18 months of this? Can we continue to organize without being able to meet in person? What are the risks to citizens right now? What are the potentials in this climate for activists and organizers, and for socialism itself? It’s an awesome episode, don’t miss out!

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