009 Let Them Buy Cake + Landlord Fragility

We review a LOT of news items this week, all under the general category of “In finding out there’s no more bread, U.S. Elite tell citizens to buy cake.” Then we delve into the recent scourge of landlord fragility. If you are a landlord, please listen.

Ranting About COVID19 Updates + Landlord Fragility


We go through a slew of news items, facts and updates to describe the ghoulish current “Let them eat cake” moment we’re living through, only it’s “Let them buy insurance


What’s a tiger running a copy machine called?


Someone please explain to me how masks (including N95 masks) supposedly DON’T protect YOU from getting COVID19, but DO protect OTHERS from getting it from you. I do not understand the mechanics of one-way protection, I’ve read so many articles, I still don’t get it. Thx, Nichole.


We do a restrained rant this week about landlord “fragility” ie all these landlords in their fee-fees about anti-landlord memes and calls for a rent strike. We hope said landlords will listen, we tone it down from the full-throated rage it could’ve been, to understand where tenants are coming from, and why the practice of being a landlord is inherently wrong, even as we understand it is the reality of our current housing situation. If you refuse to listen, the main takeaway is that regardless of your financial situation or why you are renting out, being a landlord is a privileged position in which you are extracting wealth from people who are not on equal standing with you and will not get to share in any of the long-term value and stability enabled by their rent payments. So, you may be a good person and a “good” landlord, but you are still participating in a harmful institution.

Also, we all know that it makes sense to also suspend mortgages, we are asking for that as well. But you, as landlords, have way more political power than us and should fight for that on your own. Call your governor, call your bank. Get your mortgage extended and then tell all your tenants that they are safe until the pandemic is over. The entire point of a rent strike is to put pressure on landlords to do just that – get them mobilized to call for rent and mortgage freezes in all states. So hop to it! We can organize together and work towards a common goal, but you have to come into the situation understanding you are the party with more financial and political power.


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