010 Love Is Blind Rundown: Dishing the Dirt with Our Friend Hilary

This week we’re joined by our friend Hilary, reality TV connoisseur, to dish on Netflix’s surprise hit dystopian dating reality show, Love is Blind.


Why do melons have to get married?

What About Bernie?!

Since we wanted to have time to relax with this week’s episode, we skipped the news but obviously had a LOT of thoughts and feelings about Bernie dropping out of the Democratic presidential race and endorsing Joe Biden. We did a live stream in the Bitchy Shitshow Experience Facebook group, you can watch the replay if you are in that group (or request to join!).

Love is Blind BreakDown: Analyzing the Mess

We go deep on Love is Blind, wading through the mess with glee. We dig into the Carlton-Diamond fiasco, reveal the true villain of the series (hint: it’s not Jessica!), wonder what the hell actually happened between Kelly and Kenny, talk about the fucking fiasco that was Jessica and Mark, give some behind the scenes goss we scoured off the internet, and rage about Damien’s WASP-y treatment of Giannina.

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