015 Further Rants About Cops & Capitalism, Plus Teaser for The Platform Analysis Next Week

Poppin Off

Though we raged against cops and capitalism last week, these motherfuckers keep murdering people so we go off about it all again this week when covering Breonna Taylor’s murder at the hands of police:

Breonna Taylor, a 26 yr old EMT and aspiring nurse, was murdered in Louisville, KY on March 13 by a drug task force of plainclothes police officers that busted into her apartment at 1 a.m. while she was asleep with a “no-knock” search warrant without identifying themselves. Her boyfriend Kenneth Walker was in bed with her. Walker thought they were being robbed, took his licensed legal gun out and shot a cop in the leg. The cops opened fire in the apartment, shooting more than 20 bullets into the place and shooting Breonna 8 times in her bed. They arrested Kenneth Walker and charged him with attempted murder.

The officers were looking for a different man, and no drugs were found in the apartment. The police officers were not wearing body cams because as they are on the “Criminal Interdiction Division” handling violent and narcotic-based crimes, they don’t have to. Isn’t that nice.

Police claim they knocked on the door several times and announced themselves to the sleeping residents. Four neighbors contradict that claim.

These no-knock warrants are a huge problem in an already fucking terrible situation. In Houston last year, Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Douglas were murdered after officers busted in on a no-knock warrant and immediately killed their dog with a shotgun, prompting Tuttle to fire at the intruders.

Imagine being completely innocent and thereby having no reason to think people busting into your house are cops.

Also cops are financially incentivized. Fuck capitalism. Fuck cops.



I’m sorry, your dad has been pronounced dead…

Main Topic: Our Item and Favorite Dish for The Pit

We recorded an episode doing an analysis of The Platform, a Netflix film, but Nichole’s audio got all fucked up and made her sound like an extraterrestrial that grew up in the Valley . SO. We decided to do a shorter episode this week and then rally and re-record the analysis for next week. To keep things “light” (even though they got pretty dark) we decided to ask each other what we would pick for our dish and for our one item if we were going into The Pit. Welcome to the dark corners of our minds.

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Nichole [00:00:26] Hey, everyone. I am Nichole.

Callie [00:00:29] And I’m Callie.

Nichole [00:00:31] And today we’ll be bitching about losing our fucking original recording!

Callie [00:00:38] I was literally going to be like having to fucking record this again!

Nichole [00:00:45] Callie and I suffered a very traumatic loss this week in terms of my half of the audio for our originally planned episode analyzing The Platform.

Nichole [00:00:59] So in the spirit of self-care and work-life balance, we decided to do something of a shorter teaser episode. We’re going to cover a very upsetting story, but then we’re gonna have a bit of fun and then we will re record the actual analysis of The Platform for next week’s episode.

Nichole [00:01:22] But those creative types out there may understand that losing all your work right after you did it. Sometimes you just can’t recreate it right away. So we’re hoping give ourselves a week to like reset a little bit and then we will. Yeah, we’ll take another stab at it.

Callie [00:01:42] Two and a half hours of really good content like I think we did a real good job talking about the movie.

Callie [00:01:53] So yeah, that was that was quite, quite crushing.

Callie [00:01:58] But you know what?

Nichole [00:01:59] Quite crushing.

Callie [00:02:00] Sometimes stuff happens. Technology doesn’t always work right. Things go wrong and we’re just trying to fucking deal with it.

Callie [00:02:09] But yeah, yes, that’s where we’re at.

Nichole [00:02:14] Yeah, that’s kind of our mood today. So today will be a short for us episode because yeah this was gonna be a bonus episode just for a little funsies because we forgot to put something kind of fun into the main episode. And uh. Yeah. I just said hey you know what? Instead of trying to pull instead of trying to get what’s the fuckin saying squeeze water from a stone or some shit instead of doing that.

Nichole [00:02:45] Like, let’s just have fun and then we’ll we’ll rally next week.

Callie [00:02:51] Yeah.

Nichole [00:02:54] So for our pop top today, I wanted to cover someone, so we talked last week about Ahmaud Arbery’s murder by an ex cop and I believe his son, someone related to him. And we talked a lot about, you know, anticapitalist work and how important it is to fighting the police, period. But fighting police brutality. And these, you know, unsanctioned murders that happen in the name of like vigilante justice or citizen’s arrest or what ever other bullshit. Another person who hasn’t been getting quite as much attention as Ahmaud Arbery who is also murdered by police in March. So this is another story where the story is kind of delayed in hitting, you know, and getting national attention was Breonna Taylor, who is a 26 year old EMT and aspiring nurse. She was murdered in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13th by a drug task force of plain clothes police officers that busted into her apartment at 1:00 a.m. while she was asleep on a no knock search warrant without identifying themselves. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was in bed with her. Walker thought that they were being robbed, so he took out his licensed fully legal gun and shot a cop in the leg. The cops opened fire in the apartment, shooting more than 20 bullets into the place and shooting Breonna eight times while in her bed. They arrested Kenneth Walker and charged him with attempted murder. So the officers were actually looking for a different man and no drugs were found in the apartment. The police officers were not wearing body cams. And they claim this is because they’re on the criminal interdiction division, handling violent, quote unquote, violent and narcotic based crimes. So they don’t have to. Isn’t that convenient? The police claim that they knocked on the door several times and announced themselves, even though they have a no knock warrants. But four neighbors contradict that claim and say that they did not do this. And I just want to highlight two things here. Beyond just, you know. Recognizing and acknowledging what happened to Breonna and also to Kenneth Walker, both families must be devastated by this, and the fact that he’s being charged with attempted murder is absolutely outrageous. But I want to highlight two things. So these no knock warrants are extremely dangerous in a situation that is already fucking terrible and extremely dangerous for black folks. So in Houston last year, Dennis Tuttle and Regina Douglas were murdered after officers busted in on a no knock warrant and immediately killed their dog with a shotgun, which prompted Tuttle to fire at the intruders, thinking that they were like, you know, violent robbers or not knowing what was going on.

Nichole [00:06:13] So.

Nichole [00:06:15] This is another way that our police force has essentially been militarized and citizens, particularly black citizens and poor citizens, have been stripped of any reasonable rights that they should have around, you know, how they are detained, how they’re picked up, how their properties are searched and what rights that they what rights they have within their own home.

Nichole [00:06:42] And can you imagine being completely innocent? And that let me be clear. Should not matter. I don’t care if you’re a fucking drug dealer, someone should not be able to break into your house and murder you for that. You should have,you know, due process or what the fuck? I mean, it’s ridiculous to even call it that because it it isn’t. But anyway, yeah, you should you should have the right and you do have the right to know what you’re being charged with.

Nichole [00:07:13] To be able to respond to the charges, to know, you know, and to be able to like go along peacefully and what have you.

Nichole [00:07:20] But can you imagine being someone who is completely innocent? Therefore, my point being is you would never think, oh, these are the police breaking into my house cause you’re a person who isn’t doing anything. If you’re a big time drug dealer, then you’re probably like, oh, you know, at any point the cops could come get me.

Nichole [00:07:41] It’s something that you kind of live with.

Nichole [00:07:43] I knew someone in New Hampshire who actually ended up being wanted by the FBI and like that fucker was always looking around the corner.

Nichole [00:07:52] You know, I mean, like, that was part of his his deal was like he knew that if there was someone breaking in late at night or early in the morning, that it was probably the cops or the FBI coming to get him.

Nichole [00:08:04] But if you’re like an average fucking citizen who just, like, isn’t doing anything wrong, why would your first thought when there’s like a man with a gun in your house who just broke down the door, be like, oh, that must be the police. Let me, like go along peacefully with this person? And these people are in plain clothes.

Nichole [00:08:25] These people who get put on these warrants and on these drug task forces like go around in plain clothes and don’t identify themselves and don’t knock. So like. How I just the way that we judge people’s response to something shocking and violent. And then blame them for what happens to because of that response is absolute insanity to me, especially considering that we use the exact same logic to exonerate cops when they react violently to situations. So it’s OK for a cop to panic and think their life is in jeopardy, but it’s not okay for a citizen to send their fucking houses being broken into a one in the morning by people with weapons. So there’s all that. The whole no-knock warrant thing is just it’s it’s. Yeah, it’s just adding an extraordinary amount of danger and violence to situations that are already dangerous and violent. And then I wanted to I was very happy a listener reached out after a put out a call. I think last week or the week before for either podcasts or YouTube channels or somewhere where they do news on a regular basis and they cover news items from a, you know, anticapitalist perspective. And someone recommended By Any Means Necessary, which I guess is actually a radio show, but I’ve been listening to the podcast version of it. It’s a radio show. We can you can actually call in to it. And it’s amazing. I highly recommend it. But they did a segment on their recent episode about Cuba. Where they talked about these police shootings and these drug task force and just covered all the different ways that cops are actually financially incentivized to.

Nichole [00:10:31] File false claims against people just just essentially to go after people. So, for instance, if they claim that there was.

Nichole [00:10:41] I think there is something like there. If they claim that there was a weapon, even if there wasn’t, then like everyone in the department gets eight hours of overtime. Just like automatically like there’s all these ways that they’re incentivized to go after people and find things to charge people with. And then they’re saying these drug task force because they seize the property and assets of the people that they go after are incentivized to find people who have property and assets. But also they’re obviously targeting people who don’t have the wealth and power to do anything about it. So this is another way that they’re able to keep black folks down because they’ll find, you know, someone who has maybe a boat or a motorcycle or a little bit of cash. What have you. And they’ll just go take it from them. They were saying that they actually do look up like their tax returns. They look up their bank accounts like they do research to find targets that have things that they can seize. It’s fucking sick. So. I just wanted to acknowledge what happened to Breonna and Kenneth and just, you know, extend our condolences to their families, which I know doesn’t mean shit, but just to acknowledge it. I wanted to highlight this story because they don’t feel like it’s getting as much attention as Ahmaud Arbery’s story. And also just to further, you know, like prove that that this whole system is driven by capital. And so we cannot dismantle this isn’t a few bad cops. This isn’t just some like reforms that need to happen. You know, I saw people in comments being like of people just wear body cams like this would fix itself. And it’s like even when they have body cams, they get away with it. That is not. Yeah. I want them having body cams. So at least we have footage and like proof. But like that isn’t fixing the problem.

Callie [00:12:47] Yeah, I.

Callie [00:12:51] It’s honestly hard to know what to even say about this. Like, it’s one of those weird feelings and I’m sure a lot of people listening can relate to this, but it’s like half of me is so like. Bone deep, tired. You know what I mean, it’s just like this level of exhaustion. And overwhelmedness that it’s like hard to sit with. But then the other side of me is like so full of rage that I feel like I could just like just literally scream, you know, like not even say words, just like literally scream. And I’m saying that as a person who like doesn’t have to deal with the daily fear, you know, of this happening to me. So I just.

Callie [00:13:46] I’m so fucking mad, like I’m so mad that Breonna’s story is not getting nearly as much attention or sympathy as a mod armories like. How many more times do like? Do people need to ra- I’m glad I am glad people rally around, you know, black male victims. They definitely, definitely deserve it and they need it. But it’s like, where the fuck is all of that when it’s a black woman who’s been a victim of the state or the police? It’s just time and time again we can see that it’s a disproportionate response right. And that’s just fuckin guts me because.

Callie [00:14:32] Yeah. Black women just do like the fuckin most, you know, like they’re just they’re fucking magic.

Callie [00:14:39] Like, I don’t understand how they just hold so many people up. Like they contribute so much to our culture, to our world. Like.

Callie [00:14:50] They hold up their families, their communities, and they just like they don’t get when they’re victimized, like they don’t.

Callie [00:14:58] They don’t get it back and it just fuckin rips my heart out, so I’m fucking mad about that and I’m mad that like yet again, there’s some fuckin story of the police just like straight murdering someone, you know, like.

Callie [00:15:15] I mean, honestly, honestly, like, why the fuck are we not just like no. Like, no.

Callie [00:15:24] Like our government is robbing us. Fucking police are just straight like murdering people. Left and right. Innocent people that are not doing anything wrong. This whole like we’re the leader of the world and all of this bullshit.

Callie [00:15:42] It’s like we are a fuckin mess. Like our country is a fucking disaster.

Callie [00:15:48] You have no rights. Like literally zero. I don’t.

Callie [00:15:53] I mean, how many more times do we need to say it to other leftists need to say it. I mean, the fucking police. The fact that they can have a no knock warrant going in plain clothes in the middle of the night. And it’s like even if they had been going into a drug dealer’s home. The fact that you would do all of these things. It’s like even if you had gone to the right home.

Callie [00:16:15] Why?

Callie [00:16:16] Like the response is so disproportionate. Always. I literally just watched a video yesterday of the police arresting, surprisingly, what looked to be a white guy.

Callie [00:16:28] You couldn’t really tell from the video, but I can you know, he didn’t look like he was a person of color, but apparently he was like drunk and was violating open carry laws. They literally slammed this guy on his head like they flipped his entire body and slammed his shoulder and his head into the concrete.

Callie [00:16:48] They knocked him out. They arrested him and left him on the ground. And people were like, because the video was released by like people like bystanders nearby.

Callie [00:16:59] And they were like, is this guy fucking dead? Like, he is out cold for an open container. I’m like, you’re going bust into someone’s house in the middle of the night because you think they’re a drug dealer like or you think they have drugs.

Callie [00:17:12] They’re just not like the violence, the whole they.

Callie [00:17:16] They gear up towards everyone who’s not like a fuckin rich white person. Right. As if they’re going into war. Like, when are people going to wake the fuck up that the police and the state are literally at war with us? They’re at war with us. They’re passing laws that declare us terrorists. If we disrupt economic activity, if we protest our environmental rights being violated.

Nichole [00:17:49] They can go through our browser search histories with no reason and no warrant.

Callie [00:17:56] It’s just it’s shocking to me. And I know I bring this up all the time.

Callie [00:18:03] But honestly, like, I’m just so fuckin over living in a culture of just pure gaslighting all the time. Like the things that people believe about our government, about our culture are fairy tales. They are not true. They’re just not true. The country that people think we are. That the vast majority of normies think we are does not exist.

Nichole [00:18:30] I know.

Callie [00:18:31] And I don’t know what to do with that. I don’t know what to do with it.

Callie [00:18:35] The police just murdered someone, an innocent woman, and then have the fuckin caucacity to jail her boyfriend. He’s still in jail.

Nichole [00:18:48] Yep.

Callie [00:18:49] Fuck this whole fucking thing. Fuck the police. Every single one.

Callie [00:18:54] Every single police officer. I don’t care if he’s nice. I don’t care if he passes out fucking ice cream sandwiches.

Callie [00:19:02] I don’t care if he joined up because he wants to be like the sole, you know, community helper in a bad police force. If you’re adding any legitimacy to that corrupt institution, you are you’re a fucking terrorist. You’re part of a terrorist organization. I don’t care how much good you think you’re doing your part of a terrorist organization that is straight up murdering innocent people disproportionately, people of color and even more disproportionately black folks and like, fuck all the police.

Callie [00:19:38] And like, stop, stop. Like, I’m just so tired of people having like, well. But like, what happened right before this? What are the extenuating circumstances?

Callie [00:19:49] It’s like it should never matter. It should not matter. They should not get to- they get to somehow fear from their lives when they are the ones like bringing the violence. You know what I mean? You know, like they’re fuckin strapped up going into like every time they interact with a citizen, a community member, whatever, they’re they’re like going into battle. They fuckin wear American flag that’s black and white with a blue line and they call themselves the thin blue line that there is some sort of like, you know, a wall against like the the violent masses against the government. Like, how do you not. And they’re open about that. They’re open about it. They’re. Oh, yeah. Proud of that.

Callie [00:20:40] And it’s like that should tell you everything you need to know about how they view their role. Right. They’re not part of the community. They’re not there to protect and serve. They’re there to hold the line against the US, the violent, ignorant masses.

Nichole [00:20:59] Yeah, and I’m linking to two different episodes of By Any Means Necessary. They’re both extremely good all around, but both have very good segments about police and something that I heard on that show was they were talking about how bad the policing has gotten in New York, especially around. They’re using this social distancing, as we’ve seen. You know, we’ve all seen probably videos online of just how fucking violent ridiculous it is. So. You’ll see them handing out masks to white people in a park and then just like slamming black and brown people to the sidewalk over social distancing. While they’re not wearing masks, right. They’re not social distancing even with each other. And then they’re fining people. So they were saying something that like, I don’t know if it’s in one area overall, but they’ve given out like 90 fine- and I’m pulling these numbers out, but they’ve given out, 90 fines for social, not social distancing. Four of them were to white people. So she said they they literally go into these neighborhoods to look for people. They go into black and brown neighborhoods to look for people to to get on social distancing. And I think that’s part of what she had connected to this financial incentivizing that they get to do things like this. Because when they file these claims, it’s like either they directly or their department will get bonuses, essentially, like they will get overtime for for certain things. They have to meet quotas. So they’re actually incentivized. And then they go in specifically target certain neighborhoods with certain communities to do it. And she was saying that the worst ones are the black and Latinx police officers who go undercover in these neighborhoods to like catch them doing just the most banal shit. Bullshit. And fining them or turning them in for stuff. And she said that there are also in certain areas starting to target poorer white neighborhoods as well.

Nichole [00:23:20] So this is where, you know, again, it shouldn’t matter, like we should stand by our fellow people no matter, like it shouldn’t have to impact us for us to give a shit.

Nichole [00:23:33] But like, it is starting to turn. And I’m not kidding. Like things are changing and being white in and of itself is not going to be the level of protection that it used to be.

Nichole [00:23:47] The police force has always been a way for people on the lower rungs of our society to indoctrinate themselves into whiteness and into power. And we’re seeing that now with a lot of black and brown cops who are very willing to go bust heads of their own people in order to get a taste of that sweet, sweet white supremacy.

Nichole [00:24:07] Right. And be part of this fucking violent state monopoly on like violence. And so it’s just something to just be aware of, and this is another reason we have to dismantle like identity politics in the neo liberal way because it’s being used as a way to again, sugar coat, you know, diversity coat, things that are happening.

Nichole [00:24:34] So you have a black police officer does not mean that he is any better than a white police officer.

Nichole [00:24:44] And it’s it’s happening like this class shit is real and it’s always. Don’t do not get me wrong. It will always be the worse for black and brown people and indigenous people like it will always be worse. But we are going to start to see a true flattening of how we’re treated. And a lot of white folks are gonna have a rude awakening coming.

Nichole [00:25:05] Yeah.

Callie [00:25:07] Well, and with. We’re headed for like not to fear fearmonger anything, but we’re headed for very scary economic times. And. I don’t think people are prepared for how bad things are gonna get economically. But then how that’s going to affect so many other things, like how it’s going to affect power structures and the violence in our society. I mean, when people stop being able to like eat or stay in their homes. Now you have the thin blue line. Yep coming after you. Trying to keep everyone in check. I mean, like, never forget that they are there to protect capital. Right. They’re there to protect the state and they’re there to protect the capitalists. And like. I just I’m so I’m so fucking tired of all of this shit. And like. Again, we’ve said it before. Vote whoever the fuck you want. I don’t care anymore.

Callie [00:26:14] But like this is this is the kind of bullshit, you know, when it’s like people want to talk about fuckin Democrats or whatever. And it’s like you have the police openly waging war against citizens. And like Democrats aren’t doing anything either.

Nichole [00:26:30] You know, Democrats got us here. Yeah. Joe Biden has had a direct hand in the police state that we now live in. Yep. And not to say we haven’t been living in a police state, but this is I have actually seen this happen in my lifetime and was like making note of it.

Callie [00:26:50] Well Obama did it.

Nichole [00:26:52] Yes!

Callie [00:26:53] Obama did a lot of it.

Nichole [00:26:53] I’ve seen police departments get tanks and start acting like SWAT units. And, you know, just escalating. I’ve seen the the laws passed that just give them more and more protections and more and more like these. No knock warrants. That is fucking insanity to use that against just an average citizen. I mean, one could argue ever, but they use that against someone who isn’t like an active, you know, fucking like I don’t even know what like violent criminal, like, you know, mafia boss or something like it’s fucking insanity. And then the media and the Hollywood industrial complex has been doing its job because citizens are just out here fucking like.

Nichole [00:27:41] Wanting everyone to be their daddy and just thinking that like this is how police are supposed to be.

Callie [00:27:48] Oh my god that’s so true laughing.

Nichole [00:27:51] Yeah, everyone gets wet for a uniform and it’s like, what is wrong with us?

Callie [00:27:58] Well, think about how much of our media proportionately is like fuckin cop shows. Yes.

Callie [00:28:05] You know, like I’m guilty of it. I’m trying to stop watching that shit. Because even if you’re aware, it’s like it is propaganda, it does indoctrinate us to see to to view these institutions as sympathetic. You know, or like the danger that they put themselves in when they’re like going after the bad guys. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about. Are saying like, yeah, you’re rushing into a private residence like in the middle of the night, like, was that really necessary?

Callie [00:28:38] Is that really necessary?

Callie [00:28:40] Like unless you’re expecting like an extreme violent like like. One tenth of all interaction kind of responses where someone is just like fuckin strapped and ready to go.

Callie [00:28:53] You know, like, why? Why?

Callie [00:29:00] Every interaction. And then we’re supposed to we’re supposed to treat them like heroes because they sacrifice and it’s like they’re not sacrificing anything.

Callie [00:29:09] They are going into every encounter fuckin guns blazing because they won’t put their lives at risk and they’re just straight up murdering people.

Callie [00:29:20] You know, if you. You have a cell phone in your hand. They thought it was a gun and they get to shoot you. And it’s like, how would that have affected you?

Callie [00:29:30] It’s just the things that they get away with doing, like shouting orders at people, but then they get to say like they were scared or fear for their lives or disoriented, it’s like you’re supposed to be the fuckin experts. It’s all just lies. It’s all lies to fuckin teach us to be fearful and not step out of line. And that’s all I want people to start seeing. Like people that haven’t gotten there yet. It’s like that. That’s where we need to get to. Like everything is just teaching us to, like, crave a bad daddy figure and to be fearful of authority. And it’s fucking working. Yeah. It’s like all these fuckin basic bitches thirsting after of all gender types, thirsting after fuckin Andrew Cuomo, the fucking dirtbag governor from New York who like.

Callie [00:30:18] Yes. It’s sad that New York has been hit so hard by Coronavirus, but that’s partially because they had such a terrible response to it at first. It’s like partly on them that things got bad.

Callie [00:30:31] Some of the circumstances are out of their control because obviously living in a city that’s like so populated and stuff and has so many travelers is out of their control.

Callie [00:30:40] But so much of it is like on him.

Callie [00:30:42] And during all of this, he’s like still trying to cut benefits like Medicaid and Social Security and all that shit like. And people are still like, oh, fucking daddy Cuomo like you should take over for Biden. It’s like, what?

Callie [00:30:59] Are you out of your fucking minds? You wouldn’t.

Nichole [00:31:02] This is why they don’t give us universal health care, because then we’d all go to therapy and get over a fucking daddy issues and then we wouldn’t put up with this bullshit.

Callie [00:31:13] That’s the realest shit ever laughing.

Callie [00:31:18] That needs to be like quoted, like you need to pull that out.

Callie [00:31:25] It’s so good.

Callie [00:31:28] Yeah, people here are just like thirsting after him. And it’s like he is actively fucking people like in one breath, he’s saying that like like.

Callie [00:31:41] I think we cover this on our social media. Know if we ever talked about it on this show. But at some point, like a woman stood up and asked a question basically like we’re all losing our jobs. Like how? Like what is the government doing to, like, help us? And he just so fucking aggressively and brutally was like, then go get an essential job. As if everyone could just put themselves on the front line or that you have to willingly take a high risk public facing probably low paid, no benefits job in order just to try to retain the roof over your head. You have to be willing to die.

Callie [00:32:28] Not a peep, not a peep from the media.

Nichole [00:32:31] No, of course not.

Callie [00:32:34] They’re like, oh, look at you did as when he teases his brother. I’m like, are you fucking serious?

Callie [00:32:39] That’s the story. Well, girl, they’ve reformed. George Dubya fuckin Bush like I. I cannot believe I lived to see the day like. Yeah, I just I won’t put anything past them at this point. Yeah, they would like they would like reincarnate.

Nichole [00:33:02] Fucking Hitler and somehow do some like. Get him on Ellen. You know, have him go like watch a basketball game with Ellen and everyone and be like oh yeah.

Nichole [00:33:12] He had some good ideas. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Callie [00:33:17] It is ridiculous.

Nichole [00:33:19] Like everyone was saying I don’t know if I saw this on Twitter, but they were saying that they’re like, oh I can’t we in like 10 years when Trump is on Ellen’s show.

Nichole [00:33:32] And it’s like, yeah.

Nichole [00:33:36] This is the level of gaslighting that we’re exposed to 24/7.

Nichole [00:33:42] Yeah, these are terrible people. And then, you know, to reference our episode a few back like, then we’re told that like China and Russia and like Cuba and all these places are like the fucking worst places on earth and we’re supposed to just fucking hate them like have just this black hatred for them, the entire Middle East. Right.

Nichole [00:34:05] Like all these countries that were supposed to be like, yeah, just bomb the shit out of them, really fuck them or anyone who like even says one constructive thing about them is a fuckin spy and a traitor to our country and you know all this shit.

Nichole [00:34:20] And it’s like how do you think someone else talking kindly about our country would sound to someone in a country that we’ve been terrorizing? What do you think that would sound like to other people? But we are so fucking just maniacally patriotic here that we can’t even like understand that.

Nichole [00:34:45] We can’t even understand that. The shit we do to our own people and then to other countries like no one else, has fucked with the world on a global scale the way that we have.

Nichole [00:34:59] Yeah, and we have now created a situation, and that’s saying a lot.

Callie [00:35:05] Because the British fucking colonizing.

Nichole [00:35:10] Yeah.

Callie [00:35:12] But they didn’t have nukes.

Nichole [00:35:15] Yeah.

Callie [00:35:15] Or it or say that they disbanded slavery only to literally put it in place and have like people of color even actually arguing for keeping people in prison cough Kamala Harris cough because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to profit off of their slave labor.

Nichole [00:35:35] We’re literally using slave labor right now to strike bust.

Callie [00:35:40] Yep it’s one thing to be evil.

Callie [00:35:43] It’s another thing entirely to be evil and act like you’re good. You know, it’s like that’s a fuckin gets me the most. Is that like. Fine. Like you want to just be fuckin openly imperialist and shitty and pro-capitalist, like whatever, like, let’s. Then we can at least fight you on those grounds, like. Out in the open. But I’m just so tired of the lying, the layers of like decades of propaganda and indoctrination that you have to like tunnel through to try to get through to someone, you know.

Callie [00:36:20] It’s. It’s a lot.

Callie [00:36:23] Yeah.

Nichole [00:36:24] Yeah, I yeah, I just can’t.

Nichole [00:36:29] Oh, my God. Yeah. And they’ve.

Nichole [00:36:32] They’ve create like we all need to wake the fuck up, and just every time I post something on like Instagram and it blows up anytime I’m critiquing like capital or rich people, there’s hordes of fucking neo liberal zombies up in my comments and it’s just like so infuriating but also just so demoralizing because it’s like we like they literally just pass legislation that is going to absolutely gut the. Ninety nine percent of this country, like people, do not understand how bad this is going to be. It’s going to be terrible and it’s going to be a slow burn. It’s going to take a few years still like this is bad and this is pretty immediate. But like the real like long ramifications of this are going to take a few years to kick in, and we are looking at a country where, yeah, we have this essentially like armed military force in every single like, fucking county and city and state just ready to go already just used to killing people. And we are going to have people who have no assets at all, no wealth whatsoever, no means of providing for themselves.

Nichole [00:37:57] And we are going to have an economy where small businesses no longer exist. So you are going to have to go work for one of the very few giant corporations who are going to control your wages and control your hours and control your access to everything.

Nichole [00:38:14] What the fuck? And everyone’s gonna have to be working like two or three jobs. To make it through.

Nichole [00:38:24] And you have people out here being like, well, if someone smart and they like created a thing that, like helped everyone in the world than they should have billions or trillions of dollars. Trillions! We have fucking news reports that Jeff fucking Bezos is going to be a trillionaire in like, what, six years or something. If this projection like if his profits continue the way they’re going right now? A fucking trillionaire.

Nichole [00:38:52] Do you understand that a billion is like a thousand millions? Does anyone even like understand that ’cause I didn’t until I posted all these different graphs explaining it.

Nichole [00:39:05] So can you like even understand what the fuck a billion dollars is? Yeah.

Callie [00:39:12] People don’t get it. I mean Jeff Bezos could solve world hunger tomorrow. Fucking just solve it and still be a billionaire. Like, yes.

Callie [00:39:24] You know what I mean, like the thing.

Nichole [00:39:26] Like a a large billionaire. Yeah. You still have a lot left over.

Nichole [00:39:33] Like a million dollars.

Nichole [00:39:36] It would take you a thousand days of spending a thousand dollars per day to spend a million dollars.

Nichole [00:39:44] And that is a fraction of what a billion dollars is and then a trillion dollars. I should be able to do the math, but I’m not good at it. So that’s just a whole lot more. It is an insane amount of money.

Callie [00:40:00] Yeah.

Nichole [00:40:02] And then people out here saying that he fucking earned it, he earned it. By using labor, other people’s products. What did he do? He facilitated by probably just funding the design of a Web site where you can buy things. That’s what he did. That is not worth billions of dollars. That is the site that is that is only working-

Nichole [00:40:30] And also he is stealing all of our data. But that’s a whole different thing.

Nichole [00:40:34] But it’s only working because there’s the like UPS, the post office, FedEx, the airlines, the workers, the products, the people who make the products that you’re fucking selling. And do you know what these fucking this maniac has done?

Nichole [00:40:52] These people, they have developed an algorithm where they track third party products that are taking off and getting popular. They shut down that person’s store. They rush. They pour money into rushing into a similar product. And then they don’t allow that person to sell on Amazon anymore and they start selling the same exact products. Yep. Probably for a cheaper rate.

Nichole [00:41:20] They are literally crushing small business out. They are literally using their site to scan for small businesses that are successful and then destroy them.

Nichole [00:41:32] They’re not even buying them out. Right. Right. That would be bad enough. They’re not even doing that. When this pandemic hit, I heard that they closed down like. A third or like 40 percent of their third party businesses.

Nichole [00:41:50] They just stop letting them sell on the site.

Nichole [00:41:54] And where the fuck else, everyone? Callie and I were just talking about this, we’ve all been indoctrinated with free shipping. Right. Everything has have free shipping. So these people and like, where are you going to store your products and all this stuff? So we’ve made it impossible for small business owners to actually run a profit out or to like have a business outside of Amazon.

Callie [00:42:15] Yeah.

Nichole [00:42:17] Etsy maybe has facilitated this like it’s the closest thing and I don’t even know there’s probably some dark story behind. Etsy but like you can’t like even my friend. She manages a local store and she was saying that their online sales used to be pretty robust. And then just with Amazon Prime growing, she’s like, we can’t sell stuff unless we sell on Amazon. Like people don’t want to pay the shipping and they don’t, you know, they just don’t. They’re not buying stuff the way they used to.

Callie [00:42:50] And they want one day delivery.

Nichole [00:42:54] Yeah, all of it. All of it.

Callie [00:42:54] Wait until Amazon does actually finish crushing all other small businesses. And then you have to like there’s already so many things that I wouldn’t even know where to buy unless I got them off Amazon. You know, I mean, and it’s like, wait until that’s like cemented in place. And then they get to jack up their rates and stop offering free shipping. Stop offering one day. Stop offering prime. Right. Raise all their rates because like, guess what? You got nowhere else to go.

Callie [00:43:29] Yeah, I’m just. I’m just mad today, guys. I’m jsut so mad. And tired.

Callie [00:43:40] Yeah, and we have. I just I hate to be like a broken record, but we just have to see capitalism in everything. You know, it’s not. Like the biggest problem is not the only problem, but like it is always part of the problem.

Callie [00:43:57] You know, it’s like racism and capitalism, sexism and capitalism, homophobia and capitalism, like we just can’t.

Callie [00:44:06] There are so many analysis happening that just doesn’t take that into account. You know, and you can see it because you get some like. Fuckin liberal who wants to do the like. Oh, I ran for a Ahmaud Arbery and it’s like but you’re proudly pro Biden like you’re you’re proudly supporting institutions that are crushing whole communities of people under the capitalist boot. Like, how do you not. How do you not see the connections, you know? How do you not see that living in a culture that teaches us that people’s lives don’t matter? That that allows us to, like, momentarily grieve? Maybe if you’re woke t.m over an innocent person being murdered, murdered by the police, but then go about your day.

Callie [00:45:07] The world should fuckin stop.

Nichole [00:45:09] Mm hmm.

Callie [00:45:11] Like we shouldn’t have multiple hashtags. There shouldn’t be 20 plus some people that have been turned into a hashtag on fucking capitalist’s social media platforms that are just trying to mine our data to sell us shit.

Callie [00:45:28] These were people who were murdered and we just we’re sad for a day. We reach out to our friends and then you move on.

Nichole [00:45:41] Yeah, the the second By Any Means Necessary episode I’ll post that their second segment in that episode discusses five people who were killed in Houston by police in just three weeks.

Callie [00:45:54] Oh my gosh.

Nichole [00:45:56] There are not enough hashtags. This is literally happening on a daily basis.

Nichole [00:46:04] The hashtags aren’t working, y’all. The body cams aren’t working.

Nichole [00:46:09] The telling people to just do anything a cop says doesn’t work. We’ve even seen people be killed doing exactly what they’re told to be doing. Still get killed. We’ve seen people be killed when they’re just like laying on the ground or sitting there not even moving.

Nichole [00:46:28] So maybe wake the fuck up and see what’s happening.

Nichole [00:46:32] And get it together and realize, yeah, Daddy’s here and he’s a fuckin monster and it’s time for us to grow up and put on our big Grown-Up pants and look around and protect each other and reach out to one another and see that this system is fucking corrupt.

Nichole [00:46:51] This system is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Neo liberalism is accelerating capitalism into fascism. It is doing what it’s designed to do.

Nichole [00:47:01] It is designed to strip us of everything, every ounce of power.

Nichole [00:47:07] Create a massive, massive, poor working class that has no power.

Nichole [00:47:14] And to lull us to sleep into the to the point where we’re thanking the elite for doing it to us. Look around you. That’s exactly what’s fucking happening. Yeah, yeah, I pulled up this graphic. I posted it says Jeff Bezos could spend- have spent one million a year since the Stone Age and still have one hundred and fifty seven billion dollars today.

Callie [00:47:44] I think that just broke my brain. Yeah.

Callie [00:47:48] Like the hamster just fell right off the fucking wheel.

Nichole [00:47:54] The hamster is like, fuck this.

Callie [00:47:58] The hamsters are unionizing.

Nichole [00:48:02] Oh, I hope so.

Nichole [00:48:09] Yeah. So, yeah. Stop. I get it. We’re all fucked up. Yeah, I understand. But like stop begging for your own oppression.

Nichole [00:48:19] Yeah. Stop victim blaming.

Nichole [00:48:21] Stop trying to be the golden child. Stop trying to get out of abuse by being the one who does everything they were told to do and like playing by the rules. Okay. Understand that we’ve been collectively abused and gaslight our entire lives and that. Yeah, a lot of us don’t have access to therapy to undo that. In a lot of us can’t find fucking therapists who even understand that. Even if you had a seemingly great childhood, you’ve been gaslit by your fucking environment. You’ve been abused by almost every person whose it any bit of authority over you. Doctors, teachers, police officers, the legal system, every-fucking-body. The educational system, everybody.

Nichole [00:49:03] Has been gaslighting you TV your entire life. Movies your entire life. The news. Politicians your entire life. But we have to grow up and we have to like take some fucking responsibility for our own education and our own process. And like working through that shit and stop blaming other people. I’m so sick of it. I’m so sick of these fucking like women on the Internet who are just gleefully putting other sexual assault victims down and ripping them apart and judging them because they couldn’t process their own sexual assault or because they want to be. They want to be safe by like playing by the rules and being seen as one of the good ones who isn’t causing issues and is like holding up the system.

Nichole [00:50:00] Fucking stop it. We’re a fucking pit of cannibals. We’re all just eating each other and they’re sitting up there laughing.

Nichole [00:50:11] Laughing at us. Yeah. That is why Hillary Clinton and Biden both do not think that they even owe us jack shit. When they are asked questions they literally curl their lips at us. I don’t.

Nichole [00:50:27] Oh, you fucking anything. That’s why Biden’s got his nose all the way up the asses of his rich elite donors, telling them nothing will fundamentally change.

Nichole [00:50:36] And then he gets questioned by someone who served in the Iraq war. Or he gets questioned by a union worker. And he literally almost physically attacks them. He threatens them, he swears at them, and then he tells them to go vote for someone else.

Nichole [00:50:54] That is why.

Nichole [00:50:55] Because to them, we’re just a mindless horde that feed their coffers and just fucking eat each other. Yeah. It’s not even let them eat cake anymore.

Nichole [00:51:05] It’s let them meet each other because we don’t fucking care.

Callie [00:51:10] Damn.

Nichole [00:51:12] So wake up. I know most people listening are awake. I’m not really yelling at you. I hope you understand that.

Nichole [00:51:23] I’m yelling at all the people who would never listen to the show or listen and then post about how we’re the reason that Trump’s in power. If I had that level of power. Oh, girl, yeah, I would definitely be doing other things with it.

Nichole [00:51:41] Believe you, me. So Callie. Can I tell you a joke I’ve already told you once before, and can you act like you don’t know what the punchline is?

Callie [00:51:56] Yes, I will do my best acting.

Callie [00:52:00] To be fair, I probably honestly don’t remember.

Nichole [00:52:05] You just remember the hate.

Nichole [00:52:08] Should I do it this week or should I save it for next week? Because it is kind of appropriate for the analysis.

Callie [00:52:15] Oh then yeah. Save it.

Nichole [00:52:18] OK.

Nichole [00:52:18] And then you’ll have another week to kind of forget.

Callie [00:52:21] Perfect.

Nichole [00:52:22] Which you’ve probably already forgotten.

Callie [00:52:24] Yeah.

Nichole [00:52:25] But it will be like more forgotten.

Nichole [00:52:29] All right. Well, you’re really gonna hate this, but my sister posted a bunch of pun jokes on her Facebook. You’re already giving me a look. And.

Callie [00:52:40] You tell your sister I’ve never done anything to her!

Nichole [00:52:46] Gina. How dare you.

Callie [00:52:53] I do not deserve this.

Nichole [00:52:53] So I went through them and I picked up my favorite ones.

Nichole [00:52:56] And the thing is that there are those kind of like conversational puns. So you’re going to have to participate in the telling of these puns.

Callie [00:53:05] That was never part of the deal.

Nichole [00:53:10] So I need you to say I’m sorry, sir.

Nichole [00:53:13] Your dad was pronounced dead or ma’am.

Nichole [00:53:18] Or a person, I guess you could just say I’m sorry your dad was pronounced dead. This is still like a macabre joke because we’re still talking about The Platform.

Nichole [00:53:29] But I’ll save the other joke for next week.

Callie [00:53:31] OK. Oh, I start okay.

Nichole [00:53:38] Yeah. I didn’t give you the punchline.

Callie [00:53:41] Well, I didn’t know how many lines there were in it.

Nichole [00:53:44] It’s a skit. It’s a five minute skit.

Callie [00:53:48] Yeah. Yeah.

Callie [00:53:51] I’m sorry. Your father has been pronounced dead.

Nichole [00:53:56] It’s your dad.

Callie [00:53:58] Oh, my God.

Nichole [00:54:00] It’s very important.

Callie [00:54:02] Is it?

Nichole [00:54:03] It is. You’ll see why.

Callie [00:54:06] I’m so I hate this.

Callie [00:54:07] I just want to go on record saying this: I did not agree. I did not know we were doing this.

Nichole [00:54:13] I knew you were going to protest it.

Callie [00:54:15] Mm hmm.

Callie [00:54:17] Okay. I’m sorry. Your dad has been pronounced dead.

Nichole [00:54:24] I can’t believe I’ve been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.

Nichole [00:54:32] She’s so mad!

Callie [00:54:35] Oh, my fucking God. Okay.

Nichole [00:54:43] Ho-kay. Yep. Moving on. Wow. Wow.

Callie [00:54:51] Minutes of my life, I will never get back.

Nichole [00:54:54] It’s true. It’s really true.

Nichole [00:54:59] So I think we have a few patrons to think.

Callie [00:55:04] We do. We certainly do. All right. So new patrons Terrin. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Emma. Kaila.

Callie [00:55:16] Swag Athat Christie, which I appreciate.

Callie [00:55:19] As a person, who watched Agatha Christie as a wee child with my grandma, Carolyn, and A. You did not provide your first name, so we’ll respect your privacy.

Callie [00:55:33] So thank you to all of those new patrons. And then we had someone increase their pledge. Brendan.

Callie [00:55:40] So thank you so much, everyone, for supporting this radical leftist work that we’re trying to do. Yeah.

Nichole [00:55:49] Thank you all so much. We really appreciate it. And it’s helpful as we announce we’re doing transcripts for the show now and we will be hopefully earning enough money at some point to help pay someone to help me with those transcripts because itself to be cleaned up even after I run them through the software that generates them. So and as you all know, we have epically long episodes and that could be a lot of work.

Nichole [00:56:17] Yeah, but yeah, yeah, we’re very excited to have that and move forward. And Callie and I are fucking we made a bidness plan.

Nichole [00:56:27] We’re building this bidness so that we can like live off of this and make this a full time thing.

Nichole [00:56:34] We’re dedicated to it. We’ll see what happens with the economy and the pandemic. Those are little hiccup in our plan.

Callie [00:56:47] Yeah, who knows, though?

Callie [00:56:49] I mean, people do appreciate media and art. Right. I would consider this falling into the like art slash entertainment realm when things get dark. So obviously, if we know money is tight right now, so we never want someone to put themselves in a precarious position by giving more than what you can. So definitely don’t feel any pressure to donate. But if you can, if you have the ability and if you feel like our work is important, we are just eternally grateful to be able to like be building a community with you all and trying to spread this fuckin leftist revolution.

Nichole [00:57:31] Yes.

Nichole [00:57:34] In another way, you can help this show if you have Twitter following us on Twitter can be helpful. I was just watching.

Nichole [00:57:42] I’m convinced that we’re gonna get like blocked or deleted by YouTube at some point. So I’ve been watching a lot of stuff about, you know, just about that.

Nichole [00:57:52] So someone was saying that one of the ways you can help protect yourself with YouTube is to have like a pretty popular Twitter or have a lot of followers on Twitter, I should say, because then that seems to be one of the only times that they’ll like reinstate an account is if someone can go out on Twitter and get a bunch of people pissed about it. So, yeah, even something small like just following us on Twitter if you have Twitter.

Nichole [00:58:17] No need to sign up for something just to follow us. But follow us on Instagram. Subscribe to us on YouTube. All that stuff is really helpful.

Callie [00:58:26] Yeah. Yeah.

Nichole [00:58:30] So to to end this this little mini episode, we were going to do something-

Callie [00:58:38] Not so mini laughing.

Nichole [00:58:39] Oh, my God. Well, we got really fired up. Yeah, well, I mean, that’s one brand, so we’ll just end it with. We had wanted to.

Nichole [00:58:51] So for those who haven’t seen The Platform.

Nichole [00:58:56] If.

Nichole [00:58:58] It’s a lot. But part of the movie is that everyone who goes into the pit, as it’s called, gets to bring one item with them and everyone gets to list with their favorite food is. And that ties into the movie in ways that we will explain next week for those who haven’t seen it. But I thought it would be fun for Callie and I to talk about what our dish would be and what our item would be. So Callie. What would your food be? What would your dish be that you would want? You know, if you’re on floor one and you get to to reap the rewards of this bounty, what would you want that dish to be?

Callie [00:59:36] Well, there’s a lot of calculation that you have to do because you have your favorite food, but then you have to pick something that’s like would provide enough calories. It’s easily grab-able. There’s a lot. Because my first response just immediately in my head was like potatoes, just some form of potato, maybe tot’s, maybe potato skins. I love mashed potatoes, but those are, again, not a good option for like having to eat potatoes with your fuckin hands within two minutes. Right.

Callie [01:00:11] But then I had a light bulb moment. California Burritos. Vegan, of course, because burrito are easy to grab and they’re delicious. They’re like my favorite fuckin thing. If you don’t know a California burritos are they are carne asada. So it’s Mexican food obviously. Carne asada, guacamole, salsa fresca and french fries in a tortilla. It’s like the world’s most perfect food.

Nichole [01:00:45] I have had them before and I can attest that they are amazing.

Callie [01:00:50] Yeah, I fuckin grew up eating carne asada burritos. And yeah, so I realize that because I had to get potatoes in there somewhere, but I figured that that would be a quick and easy thing to grab.

Callie [01:01:04] And yeah, quite delicious.

Nichole [01:01:07] I love that. I love that for you.

Callie [01:01:09] Thank you. I love it too.

Nichole [01:01:14] Now, I thought that was a really genius pick.

Nichole [01:01:16] Like Burrito is just like just a generally genius pick for this kind of scenario. And then, yeah california burrito’s so frickin good.

Nichole [01:01:25] Yeah. Mine is also Mexican I guess.

Nichole [01:01:31] And I was I was gonna say chips and salsa and guacamole.

Callie [01:01:37] Mm hmm.

Nichole [01:01:38] It is not the healthiest pick. Like I’m not getting a wide range of nutrients, but you could get in a lot of calories in a lot of fat pretty quickly.

Nichole [01:01:49] It’d be easy to eat with your hands. And it’s a food that I know that I could eat for like a lot fairly quickly, whereas like other stuff might have to chew too much.

Callie [01:01:58] Mm hmm. Yeah.

Nichole [01:02:01] I would- my favorite food is like soup. As we all know, with noodles in it. So like ramen is probably it’s hard to say. It’s hard to say. But that’s definitely one of my favorite foods.

Nichole [01:02:16] But I was like, yeah, there’s no way you can have fucking soup in this situation.

Nichole [01:02:21] I guess you could like tip it up and drink it. But like, yeah, it just seems like a very bad idea.

Callie [01:02:26] Well, in two minutes, like, that’s a lot. Is it hot because you’re not capable of like drink that fast.

Nichole [01:02:31] Yeah. Yeah. If it’s like if you’re on a high floor where it’s still piping hot, that’s not going to work. And then if you’re on a low floor where it’s cold.

Nichole [01:02:40] Well, yeah. Like cold soup is just not the thing, right?

Nichole [01:02:46] Whereas, you know, room temperature burrito. Absolutely. Yeah. I’ll do that all day, all day, day and night.

Nichole [01:02:55] Who hasn’t been to your party where chips and salsa have just been sitting up for hours and guacamole and it’s still good to go?

Callie [01:03:01] Yeah, I mean, guacamole is a great one because that does allow you to get a lot of calories in and it’s good.

Callie [01:03:09] Mm hmm. Yeah.

Nichole [01:03:11] And I have on many occasions eaten chips and salsa every day and I don’t get tired of it.

Callie [01:03:21] I know when you tell me your future is if be chips and salsa, I was like a hundred percent like, yeah. It’s like your favorite thing.

Nichole [01:03:30] Like last year it was kind of a problem because it was frequently my dinner. Yeah. When I was traveling in just like over everything, I was like I’ll just eat a bag of chips for dinner. It’s fine. Yeah. So. Yeah, so I know I wouldn’t get tired of it.

Nichole [01:03:45] Mm mm. Mm. Yeah, I’m real proud of us. I feel like, you know, these are some well-thought out picks.

Callie [01:03:52] I agree. Quite strategic.

Nichole [01:03:55] Yes.

Nichole [01:03:57] I also this this may just sound ridiculous to people, but I’m a content creator and I have to believe that all of my thoughts are interesting.

Nichole [01:04:05] So you all have to be the victims of that. But when I was thinking about soup in this way and I also was making soup while I was thinking about soup in this way and I was very hungry and then I made my soup a little too hot so I couldn’t drink it in because I made like blended soup that I like to drink out of a mug.

Nichole [01:04:30] It was like burning my mouth and I was starving. I just wanted to like eat the soup and I couldn’t find a way for it to cool down.

Nichole [01:04:36] And I just had this epiphany that like, that is how I am with the dating. It’s like I date soups, you know, like I want-

Callie [01:04:48] You’re definitely going to have to explain this.

Nichole [01:04:51] Listen, just do you know what I mean?

Nichole [01:04:53] Like the concept of like it’s like you want it and you’re really hungry, but it’s like not available to you like to consume and it like hurts you and then you have to wait. And then there’s just such a small window for it to be good. And then it goes cold and then it’s not good anymore.

Nichole [01:05:10] And then you have to, like, reheat it and then you probably like heat it too hot again. And it’s just then like it gets too dehydrated and it gets a little goopy. And then it’s just like it’s like you’re just like, I can’t. That’s. That is literally like me summing up all of my relationships. And I just realized that, like, I need to be more of a sandwich person because sandwiches are great.

Nichole [01:05:33] They don’t hurt your mouth. They taste good at any temperature. They say good for a long time.

Nichole [01:05:38] They’re just like very dependable and like they’re for you.

Nichole [01:05:44] And I know you’re laughing at me, but someone out there is going to be like, yes.

Callie [01:05:49] No, I’m not like, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at how.

Callie [01:05:55] Perfect. This all is like it is just.

Callie [01:05:59] It’s this is all just so you that I’m like kind of having an out-of-body experience, like listening to you, like, go this deep into soup and like compare it so intimately with your personality. Yeah, I’m just.

Nichole [01:06:17] I feel like I could like write a book of like find your sandwich. Ditch the soup, grab a sandwich! Like that’s gonna be the movement.

Nichole [01:06:28] But honestly, because I had it’s silly, but this is how I talk to myself in my head. But I like heated up the soup and then I like was trying to drink it too fast and was hurting my mouth.

Nichole [01:06:36] And my throat actually got a bad swallow where it was like, oh, I think I just like burnt my insides and and I was like, why do I always do things that hurt me?

Nichole [01:06:46] And then it was one of those like two real moments where it was like, oh, shit, I was just trying to be a little flip. And like, I just hit on something real here.

Callie [01:06:57] Yeah. Talking about some real shit.

Nichole [01:07:00] Yeah.

Nichole [01:07:01] And it was like I always want things that are complicated and like too much and it never works. And it’s so, you know, just like so much trying to get it to be the right thing. And it’s like I just need to be a fucking sandwich person.

Callie [01:07:16] Wow.

Nichole [01:07:18] But now I’m gluten free, so that’s harder in vegan.

Nichole [01:07:22] So like that probably means something, but I haven’t I haven’t discovered it like so. But yes. Chips and salsa. Too long didn’t listen: chips and salsa forever. Yeah. Forever.

Nichole [01:07:44] So next question, what would your one item be to bring into the pit?

Callie [01:07:52] So I feel like this answer is cheating, but I am going to say it anyway, because as far as I know, there are no rules about what your one item can be.

Callie [01:08:05] My phone. Like me being my most millennial self. But yeah, I. Because I thought about like, oh, I would like.

Callie [01:08:18] I would love to read, but I read on my phone, like all my books are usually like ebooks that I’ve downloaded or I would like. But then music. But then I’m like on my phone. I could do both. I’d have Spotify. I mean, assuming there’s Wi-Fi in the pit, which is not at all guaranteed. And I’m just going to pretend like that’s not a barrier to my whole plan.

Nichole [01:08:40] Well, they have a floating platform with no connection to anything else. So I feel like the technology is there.

Callie [01:08:47] I feel more like it’s not that the technology isn’t there. It’s just that they would be like, why the fuck would we give you wifi when we’re not even feeding you?

Nichole [01:08:54] I mean, that’s a whole different thing.

Callie [01:08:58] Yeah, but yeah, I’m like, I could listen to music.

Callie [01:09:01] I could like read books. I would not have social media turned on because. No, I feel like-.

Nichole [01:09:08] You’re doing a detox.

Callie [01:09:09] Huh.

Nichole [01:09:11] You’re doing a detox?

Callie [01:09:12] Yeah.

Nichole [01:09:12] You’d be like Goreng who went in to stop smoking.

Nichole [01:09:16] You be like, I’m here to just like break my social media addiction.

Callie [01:09:21] Yeah, because otherwise I would literally just watch like Tik-Tok all the time and like melt my own brain. And I don’t need that.

Callie [01:09:30] But yes, I would read listen to music.

Callie [01:09:32] I would have my phone. Maybe play some games. Maybe not. I’m trying to actually like. Detox myself from games on my phone, in fact, I like got this like. Wild urged the other night, so I deleted all the game maps off my phone and I was like, wow, you’re done. We’ll see if it lasts. But. I am just way so many hours and they don’t make me feel good, you know. Yeah. That I’m like, I need to stop just doing these things, like mindlessly, you know, like I’ll put on a show and then I’ll be like playing a game. And I’m like, I’m not really paying attention to either. And then I’m staying up too late because I’m like playing a game and not noticing like how many hours are going by. And I’m like, this is getting to be a real problem. So TLDR: my phone.

Callie [01:10:22] Yeah.

Callie [01:10:25] What about you?

Nichole [01:10:25] I have, um.

Nichole [01:10:28] So I would bring, and this is very dark, but I would bring salt because every time there is a scene of cannibalism, I was like, first of all, how could you eat that without seasoning?

Nichole [01:10:42] And second of all, if someone is going to be murt or kill themselves in some way and you have a body at your disposal, at your disposal to eat, then you could use the salt to make like cured meats that you could then bring with you.

Nichole [01:11:05] And it would taste better and it would also be preserved and would last long time.

Callie [01:11:11] That’s such a brilliant answer, honestly. Like it? It is so. It is extremely dark. Like to a surprising amount for you.

Nichole [01:11:19] Like I was I was very sad that my brain came up with that. Yeah. Even though I was like, that’s a really good idea. And I was like, well, whaaaat is wrong with me?

Callie [01:11:29] Yeah. Also put that.

Callie [01:11:34] As a check, it may be your arsenal of feeling like you could be a survivalist. Not that you wanted to but I’m just saying, like the fact that your brain went to like solving a practical problem like that is kind of a good sign that maybe you do have some post-apocalyptic skills.

Callie [01:11:55] Cause I went immediately, like, how am I going to entertain myself? And you were like, how am I?

Callie [01:12:01] Because I did think that during the movie I was like, OK. Even these people that are like killing themselves or dying or whatever. And I’m like, they’re. That’s only got to last like a day. I mean, bodies start decomposing like so fast.

Callie [01:12:17] And I was like, that’s not going to last you like a month, you know. Now, to be able to like eat little bits of their skin, so much grosser than I imagine on this little fun bonus episode we’re doing an full air quotes. But yeah, it’s like that’s not going to last like you the 30 days or even a couple of weeks, you know. Now. But yeah. Yeah. But salt would solve that problem as though in a brilliant way.

Nichole [01:12:47] Yeah, yeah, I have. It’s one of my like, oh, maybe I do have more survival skills than I think, but they’re all in like these dark, uncomfortable ways. But I will say, listen, I grew up reading Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder. And they always talked about preserving food for the winter and how they would do it.

Nichole [01:13:13] And so I just want to think that my idea came from a pure place and not a dark, bad place that I need to lock and shove all the way down and never look at again.

Callie [01:13:26] Yeah, well, I don’t think it’s like entirely your own fault. It’s not like you came up with cannibalism and that wasn’t in the movie. If you if you had it, then I would be concerned.

Nichole [01:13:38] Yes.

Callie [01:13:39] And maybe rethinking my own partnership with you and in the post-apocalyptic world.

Nichole [01:13:46] You’re like, maybe we need social distance forever.

Callie [01:13:51] Yeah.

Callie [01:13:51] But it’s not like you just came up with that. I mean, that’s what you were literally seeing. So I think it’s nothing to be worried about at this point.

Nichole [01:14:01] Well, thank you. Time will tell, I guess.

Callie [01:14:05] No, but that is quite, quite brilliant.

Nichole [01:14:10] But to your point, I do not know.

Nichole [01:14:14] I’m not someone who gets bored easily, but I’m also someone who’s like often entertaining myself with something. And it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. I am actually able to, like, lay around and like think and have that be entertaining. But like, I do not know what I would do.

Nichole [01:14:32] For months or years without any form of entertainment or even the ability to like.

Nichole [01:14:38] Write.

Nichole [01:14:39] Yeah, cause that was my alternate would be to bring like a notebook, like pen and paper. You know, cause you could kill someone with a pen. But then I could also write.

Callie [01:14:55] Yeah.

Nichole [01:14:55] Just just kidding about the killing part. Kind of. But it was like, you know, because if you’re a cause you would you’d like, you said like you could bring a book, but then you said off-air, you bring a book, but you’d like finish the book pretty quickly. And like, yeah, you could reread it.

Nichole [01:15:13] But like still and I was like, oh, well, maybe you would be a good time to like be able to, you know, create art in like write your thoughts and document what the fuck is going on to you with you. But yeah, the salt’s more practical.

Callie [01:15:28] Mm hmm.

Nichole [01:15:30] But then I don’t know what I would do. Say be like, fuck. There’s no video games, there’s no puzzles, there’s no phones, no social media, no books. Like, what the fuck am I going to do in here?

Callie [01:15:42] Yeah.

Nichole [01:15:43] Whew.

Callie [01:15:47] It’s dark.

Callie [01:15:51] So yay. I know. What a fun little segment where we weren’t at all murdery.

Nichole [01:16:00] Yeah, that would have been a lot cuter like after our analysis because. You would all know what the movie’s about and whatever, but it’s fine.

Nichole [01:16:12] So that was our mini episode that turned into a real episode and it wasn’t really light and fun. It was full of like bad news and rants and raging and then like weird murder stuff at the end.

Nichole [01:16:26] But we had fun doing it. Hopefully you had fun listening to it. So, yes.

Nichole [01:16:33] So thank you all. And we will be back next week with our actual The Platform, a movie that is on Netflix and available now if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s very gruesome. So content warning on that, but highly recommend it. And yeah.

Nichole [01:16:51] We’ll be digging into all of the themes and symbols and every the ideas introduced in that movie in depth next week.

Callie [01:17:01] Yes. Yeah. And we know this episode is coming out later than it normally would. Again, we lost the episode we did, which is why and I know there’s not probably gonna be a lot of time between when this episode posts and our livestream. But remember, we are now doing weekly livestream townhalls on our new YouTube channel. So that is happening at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, which is probably the day you’re hearing this. If you’re listening to it right away. But come join us if you’re able to. We keep them up after the facts if you want to watch them after they’re done. You certainly can. But yeah, they’re fine. We interact with y’all we like. We’re trying to, like, pick a thing to, like, rant about kind of the format of these episodes and then just like take questions and comments and respond to y’all in real time and have kind of a little hang out town hall.

Nichole [01:17:56] So, yeah.

Nichole [01:17:58] And for the one this week and next week, I think it’d be fun for those of you that have seen the platform, if you want to come and tell us where your dish and your item would be. I would love to hear from you so we can have that this week and next week because it’ll be on theme for both weeks. That’s a great idea. So, yes, we have a link to the YouTube channel in our show notes on our website, but you can also just go to YouTube and search for Bitchy Shitshow. I know it’s going to shock you, but we’re the only one.

Nichole [01:18:27] So you can find this pretty easily.

Callie [01:18:30] Yeah.

Nichole [01:18:32] Yeah. All right y’all, thank you for joining us today. We will see some of you tomorrow and we’ll talk to you next week.

Callie [01:18:39] Bye bye.

Nichole [01:18:40] Bye.

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