019 Talking to the Youth: Raven Corps Interview

Auntie Nicky and Callie are talking to The Youth today, interviewing Melissa and Cami, two absolute badass young people, from The Raven Corps, a youth-organized activism group. We talk about what Raven Corps does, how people can get involved, what a youth-led, decentralized organization looks like, and their tips for young people growing up in today’s extreme world.

Poppin Off

We acknowledge the recent lynchings in California, and discuss the murder of Rayshard Brooks by police when he was reported for sleeping in his car in a Wendy’s drive-thru, connecting it to the defund/abolish police movement. Then we talk about the autonomous zone that is thriving in Seattle, and report on others that are trying to get established.


Why do riot cops get up so early in the morning? (See the original TikTok of the joke here)

Main Topic: Raven Corps Interview

Today we are so honored to have Melissa and Cami with us from Raven Corps. The Raven Corps is a youth-powered, anti-oppression organization. Melissa is the co-founder and Portland lead; Cami the Youth Board member and San Diego co-lead.

We chat with Melissa and Cami about Raven Corps – not just what they do, but really focusing on how they are organized and how they manage to be a truly youth-powered organization with the young activists having true autonomy and power in what actions they take; and also how Raven Corps has changed its focus and strategy in recent years to be a holistic anti-oppression organization and to avoid perpetuating a colonizing approach to activism through chapters. We talk about the importance of community support as a young activist and the ways that young people can get involved with Raven Corps or QuaranTEEN, their Slack-based online community for youths aged 14-22 years old. At the end of the interview, Melissa and Cami both have some deeply moving words of advice for young people who are overwhelmed by current events and the general state of the world they’ve grown up in.

We loved this interview and hope y’all do too. Please share it widely with any young people you know or consider making a donation of either money or skills to the organization!


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