020 Youth Oppression: How the System Targets Young People

As a sister episode to last week’s awesome interview with The Raven Corps youth activism group, this week we talk about how our oppressive systems are built to specifically target young people in order to prevent the youth from having political power or, most dangerous of all, hope.

Poppin Off

Callie pops her top over discovering the book White Fragility was authored by a white woman, inspired by an episode of the Low Society podcast. Then Nichole takes a moment, in a testament to the power of The Youth, to recognize the incredible internet activism of Kpop stans and TikTok users after they “catfish” the Tulsa Trump rally, leading the campaign to think there were far more people coming than actually showed up *chefs kiss*


There are two factors of COVID-19:… (Thanks, Rose!)

Main Topic: How the Youth are Oppressed

In researching this topic, it became clear very quickly that in any way a person can be oppressed, they will be doubly so when young. There was a sharp change after the 1960s, when the government became fully aware from the Civil Rights protests and anti-war protests that the youth had a tremendous amount of political power just by the force of their convictions. After that era, a concerted effort was made to subtly, secretly attack youth through every conceivable system that touches our lives. We outline several, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

We want young people to hear this episode and feel validated for any time they’ve felt like things are stacked against them. Older folks can understand what youth experience, and also see how they were potentially oppressed when younger as well, depending on what era they grew up in.



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