021 Comp-Het & Queer Shit with Marine!

For our gayest episode yet, we are so thrilled to be joined by Marine from The Vegan Vanguard podcast to talk about compulsory heterosexuality and how it impacted our individual queer (and in Nichole’s case, gender) journeys. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of deep moments, and some delightfully TMI conversations along the way!

Poppin Off

We take just a brief moment to acknowledge the current “win” for the queer community with the recent Supreme Court ruling that the Civil Rights Act covers the LGBTQ community in terms of employment. A poignant post from the Instagram account @Chikalogy pointed out that the online celebrations from the white LGBTQs was missing how painful it is for queer BIPOC folks that their murders at the hands of the state are still legal and happening nearly everyday. Job protection is great but it matters little when your life is perpetually in danger.



What will the first gay Transformer be?

Main Topic: Examining Compulsory Heterosexuality and Our Queer Journeys

We had a BLAST celebrating Pride month with this topic. We start off with the lovely Marine from The Vegan Vanguard podcast defining compulsory heterosexuality and talking about how it appears in our daily lives, impacting our own awareness of our sexuality. Then we all talk about our own experiences with discovering and defining our queerness. Callie says the “p” word, Nichole shaved her head, and Marine confesses to past loves. It’s great.



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