023 Spoiler Alert! Analyzing Catradora: She-Ra Final Season

We dig deep into the dazzling queer wonderland that is She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, raving about all the things we love about it and ranting about Catradora and what we see as the romanticization of a deeply abusive relationship. HOT TAKE, we know.


What do you call people who get turned on by eating all the things? (a Nicky original!)

Analyzing Catradora: Kylo Ren in a Cat Suit

While we LOVED She-Ra overall, we both had enormous concerns with Catra and Adora’s relationship. We spend the first half raving about everything we love in this magical show, including the strong restorative justice vibes, the queerness, the friendships, the costume designs and diversity of body shapes, Swift Wind and SHANTIES!

Then we get serious about the disturbing relationship between Catra and Adora, tracking the abusive behavior and the way that the story did not allow for a proper redemption arc to justify them becoming a couple.

Literally the entire rest of the internet disagrees with us, everyone else think Catradora is great and that Catra was completely redeemed by the end, so here are some folks that take the opposing view from us, if you want to explore that as well:


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