Autumn exacerbation of arthritis: how to get rid of pain

Autumn exacerbation of arthritis: how to get rid of pain The arrival of autumn is often overshadowed by the exacerbation of chronic arthritis. It is at this time of year that people most often go to medical institutions with complaints of joint pain. What is the problem and how is it solved avoid it?Causes of acute arthritisBasically, the following factors lead to an exacerbation of chronic arthritis:Injuries caused by falls. The first snow and, as a result, ice, which causes bruises, broken bones ligaments, and sometimes fractures. This also affects the exacerbation of chronic pathology, and can cause the appearance of arthritis even in young people.Overcooling. And it is not the cold itself that matters, but the instability of the weather. Warm weather is replaced by a piercing wind, and it is not always possible to guess with equipment. As a result-colds and inflammatory processes, including in the joints, against a background of low immunity. A decrease in physical activitythat occurs due to weather conditions and short daylight hours. Because this weakens the muscles that support the joints and relieve them of the load. At the same time, even small loads provoke the formation of microtrauma in the cartilage tissue of joints.Another important factor is the stressassociated with the autumn jumps in biorhythms and weather conditions. It negatively affects all systems the body and joints are no exception.How to avoid exacerbations of arthritis?Preventative measures will help to avoid exacerbations of arthritis. It is necessary to insulate yourself, with special attention to sore joints and feet. Shoes should be chosen with non-slip soles and when there is ice, watch your gait – do not hurry, bend your knees slightly when walking. Limit physical activity and weight lifting. It will be useful to control your weight to reduce the load on your joints.Arthritis is treated with medications and physical therapy. Good the addition will be thermal and various mineral springs. They will also help with other diseases of the musculoskeletal system: polyarthritis, inflammation in the vertebral region, degenerative-dystrophic pathologies of the spine and joints, and muscle diseases. Therapeutic waters are good even after damage to joints and ligaments muscles'.Istochnik: